it’s sunday.  this is usually a day i feel like cooking a big supper.  today is no exception!

(loved the ripples in the sand on the beach in pei)

i have a yearning for special k loaf.  if you grew up adventist, you know what it is.  i love it with mashed potatoes, drowning both in brown gravy.  yum!  of course for my meat lovers, i’ll likely make a meatloaf.  add some green beans and it’s supper!

i even feel like making dessert.  oh, what to make?  i have been thinking of making red velvet cake or monster cookies.   the thing with cookies is i tend to get impatient after the first batch.  that’s the a.d.d. in me.

just thinking of this meal has my tummy growling!

this week is a busy one.  the boys, 2 of them will be at the ferndale bible church ball hockey camp.  sammy is helping out with it.  tyler will likely be golfing.  we are camping this weekend… so i need to get everything ready.  and on friday… finally is max’s g.i. scope.  the doctor’s app’t that we were suppose was postponed till after the scope.

tick tock… the clock is ticking loudly at the approaching of school.


i feel like i spend a great deal of my life trying to be or get organized.  yet that means the co-operation of everyone.  somehow i seem to always be back on the drawing board.

today’s my mom’s 75th birthday!  happy birthday, mom!

the weather is calling for severe thunderstorms.  do you ever notice that never is really the case?  of course, i suppose if it’s going to storm, it would be great for it to do so after all my boys are home.  sammy and tyler are playing in the golf club championships.  i really hope that they are having fun.  once they are home, it can storm all it wants, while we eat our yummy supper.

max said he would make the cookies (obviously with much supervision).   monster cookies have all the elements of a delish cookie:  chocolate chips, m&ms, oats, peanut butter…  yum!!!  i could add nuts, for the crunch factor but then the boys would be picking them out.

did you eat ramen noodles as a starving student?  i actually saw a cookbook of recipes to make with those noodles… how crazy is that?  or just google ramen noodles recipes.   it is one of my comfort foods, still.

the best part of summer is the leisurely way i can often wake up.  i am going to miss not being able to get out of bed after 8 am.  🙁

what are you going to miss about summer?

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  1. Emily says:

    Mmmmmm. Special K loaf!

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