2 weeks till school starts.  



I had a busy day yesterday, driving to Toronto to the Apple Store to deal with some of our broken devices.  Unfortunately, do to carelessness of my tribe, I knew that none would be covered by the warranty.

I love the Mac people. ¬†Given, the first lady was useless. ¬†Then the other 2 guys were incredible. ¬†They replaced an iPad, iPod, with cracks… free. ¬†They said this is a one time deal… I was so grateful. ¬†Then I had my Mac Air that had issues that would cost over $5oo that they decided to “eat the cost this time.” ¬†I am so pleased. ¬†I called Sanj and said, “How much do you think I spent at the Apple Store?” ¬†He replied… “$1000.” ¬†So I told him all the repairs cost nada. ¬†Then I asked since I didn’t spend the $1000, could I have it? ¬†He wasn’t quite as generous as my Mac dudes.

Then we stopped at Hollister, just to pick up a couple of things for the boys for school. ¬†Usually I give them limit and steer them to the clearance section. ¬†The store had a sign, “30% off the entire store.” ¬†As I checked out, the guy was ringing my purchases, I was about to pee myself. ¬†I just bought a pair of Hollister jeans for one of the boys for $6.00!!! ¬†As the guy continued to ring our purchases, I looked at the boys and said, “Go get more stuff, quick!” ¬†To a shopaholic, there is nothing better than a ridiculous sale!

Oh Happy Day!

The boys ( well some of them) are in ball hockey camp that Ferndale Bible Church is doing this week. ¬†Yesterday was the first day. ¬†As we went to pick up the boys, Josh said, “Can I go?” ¬†I almost had a heart attack! ¬†My child, the one that doesn’t leave my skirt ever, was asking to go to something.

Without blinking, I confirmed that it was OK for Josh to sign up and then we went to Sanj’s office to relay the news. ¬†Josh wanted to do hockey … and on his own accord! ¬†(I think he really thought I was going to put him in ballet, because today he said, “Hockey is better than ballet, right?” lol

The cool thing was that Sammy, who is volunteering time to help, was Josh’s coach. ¬†Josh, at pick uptoday, first said, literally to me, “Can you wipe my bum?” Then he told me had made 500 goals. ¬†Sammy translated: ¬†“He made one goal.” ¬†He had a great time!!! ¬†I was so proud!

I do hate hockey. ¬† Yet seeing hope of my child actually cutting the cord, even for hockey, is … well special.

I am excited for Josh. ¬†I think he is actually growing up right before my eyes. ¬†He seems a bit more eager about learning. ¬†Maybe school this year could actually be spectacular for him. ¬†OK… maybe we can go for a good year!

Oh, my sweet baby!

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