Summer… Wait!

 I love this picture!

This was taken at the CN Tower… my mom went with us, it was her first time going there.  It was so windy up there and my mom’s hair (well, everyone’s hair, really) was flying high.  Josh just started laughing his belly laugh as he watched my mom’s hair!

Last night we had a crazy thunderstorm!  It was a fabulous show!  There was the low growly thunder, that made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park… there was no need for turning your lights on, as outside there was a incredible lightening show… and the rains came down and God reminded us of His presences.  It wasn’t just for a few minutes where you were left wanting more but rather for at least an hour, it went on.

I was scared.  I love a great thunderstorm!  Yet there were tornado warnings for all over the place.  How can you see a tornado in the dark?  I went and googled the signs, since Sanj was calmly snoring away.  The signs did not give me any peace.  By the time you hear the train like noise, it is probably to late.  By the time you see the streaks of light on the ground, from the poles being hit, it is probably too late.

All I really had was prayer.  I prayed for safety last night… and surrender my fears over.  It made me think of the disciples in the boat, crying out to Jesus to save them.  I always felt that Jesus was a little harsh on those poor men.  🙁

It’s gorgeous outside today.  There are no real signs of the storm, thankfully (well, at least in our yard).  We are going camping (yurting) this weekend.  I am looking forward to it, although half the boys will be gone with hockey play offs.  Our last summer fling.

I have really mixed feeling about summer ending.  As the weather changes, I’ll be happy to rid our house of all the pesky  bugs, especially those fruit flies!  They seemed to have come from no where and decided not to leave!  I love the fall weather, my favorite season.  I love the changes of colors that comes as well as the cute outfits that one can wear… I love sweater weather!  Yet this changing of season means that snow is around the corner.  That means hockey follows.  That means cold arenas, stinky smells and annoying hockey parents.

I have mixed feeling about the end of summer.  This means my boys are gone most of the day.  It means those horrid wake ups, rushing and lunches.  I enjoy being with the boys for the most part… as long as they are busy, it’s great.  Or if they are lazy, it’s great.  It’s when they get bored…. Lord have mercy!  Yet, this time that they are at school means time for me to do what I want/need.  It means that if I want a play date, I can do it.  It means that I can at least look at crossing off those 1002 things that I’ve been meaning to do since forever.

Yet it means homework.  It means nagging. It means dealing with the rat race… that are kids’ lives today.  I have to sign the boys up for swimming lessons again.  Josh, Zach, Max… then there are guitar lessons for Jordan.  Tyler, and Sanj will continue Jujitsu and Zach has joined them.  (He looks so cute in his outfit)!  There is the 3 boys and their Youth Groups.  There is hockey times six.

Summer!!!!!!! Don’t go away, yet!!!

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