6 more sleeps…


That’s me this morning as I woke up at 6 a.m. to get my older two up and off to spend the day at Wonderland.  Oh my goodness, a week from today is school!  How ever will we get our totally spoiled bottoms out of bed so early?

Not really looking forward to that part of…  yet September is one of my favorite months… it welcomes my favorite season, as well as my birthday!  I love my birthday!  This year I will be 43 years old!  Wow, hard to believe, especially when I can remember my parents being this age!

Usually I have big plans on my birthday… a party of sorts, fundraising for something near to my heart in lieu of presents… this year, not so much.  Maybe it will be a low key kind of year.  We’ll see.

My 35th birthday Sanj rented a limo and we went to Toronto for dinner.  It was so fun.  Sad to say, most of those “friends” are not really active in my life anymore.  Sad.

My 40th, we had a dinner and cruise and a fundraiser for Rhema.  We bought a piece of playground equipment for the JK/SK class.

My 41st was a back yard party.

My 42nd was a Indian Dinner at our house to fundraise for new bathrooms for the boys school.

That leaves this year… Sick Kids Hospital is on my mind.  It is such an incredible place.  Truly another world.  How sad that world has to exist.  Yet the little bits of monies I could fundraise seems almost worthless… although I know it isn’t.

Last night we watched the video of PEI.  High definition is really something!  I almost felt like I could walk into the ocean.  Oh how fun it was!  It made me  committed to take more videos.

*** My Max Update:

We went and had the endoscopy done last Friday.  As usual, Max was a trooper.  We got there in record time, hitting not traffic, so we had a lot of waiting time.  Apparently they had to try 3-4 times to get the IV in.  My poor sweet boy.  I am so glad I didnt’ see that.  It makes me so anxious to watch them do that.  They think that the cream works, to freeze the hand.  It doesn’t.  At least not on my kids.  So my poor child felt that pain… and said it really hurt.  🙁

The doctor, who was a sweet Aussie man, came out and chatted with me.  The scope seemed normal.  They took tissues to biopsy.  They want to do another scope.  I don’t know that name… but Max will have to stay awake … they will insert a tube down his nose and then they will have him eat to they can measure the contractions of his esophagus. (If you know the name of this, can you tell me?)  This is not a pleasant procedure.

I am already sick to my stomach thinking of it.  I told Sanj that next time he is going to have to come with me.  I am not strong enough to cope with this alone there.  I felt so vunerable.  I was so scared while Max was in.  Too many ER shows.  You know how they are when they come out of surgery.  They are so groggy.   They look so sad.

So, we are still no further along with a fix.  I keep praying.  When I am at Sick Kids praying, I feel guilty.  There are so many really sick kids there.  Their parents are so strong.

Jesus, it IS time for You to come. 


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3 Responses to 6 more sleeps…

  1. Rena Ridley says:

    You are just as much a trooper as Max is. Is Sanj can’t go with you, please call me. I would be happy to go and help you get through these days.
    I remember when A had to have tubes in her ears, here in Ptbo. and the parents in the room were wailing when there kids went in for the same procedure, and thinking, you should try a major surgery with a 50% survival expectancy. I came to realize though that it wasn’t the magnitude of the procedure that upsets parents, it was the total loss of control and leaving them in another persons care that was so frightening. Any parent would switch places in a heartbeat. All of this is in Max’s life for a reason and I hope you get to see why. God is good and actually loves them more than we do!

  2. Sedie says:

    Still praying for your family Reem…

  3. Emily says:

    Thinking of you guys and praying all the time. Yes, Max is a real trooper, as you are. And I know what you mean about kids at the Sick Kids Hospital. As a nurse, I do not think that I could work with sick kids. It would break my heart. And yet, I think I am good with kids. Maybe this would be my next calling in life – who knows? Now that mine are older, it might be a bit easier. Sooo, I have no idea what day your birthday is. When is it? I am terrible with birthdays. See you soon.

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