Week One…

The first week of school is almost over.

Everyone survived.  Even me.  It’s been a good week for me.  The first day, I found myself restless, unsure of what to do with my day.  Day 2, I went to the gym, did errands, came home, puttered, then found myself taking a little nap.  Ok… it was really a 5 minute one… just to test it out… to do so because I could.  Very cool… and then I read my book, as I got dinner ready.  Soon it was pick.

Today… Day 3, I spent the whole morning at the gym.  Ok… I never saw myself ever contemplating this as something I would want to do, ever.  Yet, I, with my new gym buddy, worked out, cardio, weights a bit and then decided to stay and take the Yoga class.  This was my first Yoga class.  I really enjoyed it.  Then we spend a little bit in the steam room when we were done.  Wow.  I have to say, all my achy parts really feel good.

Then I stopped by Sanj’s office, joined him for lunch, then stopped by Chapters to pick up a book(s), went to an appointment and then went and got groceries leisurely.  Grocery shopping wasn’t horrid.  I found myself relaxing as I grabbed the things I needed for supper.  Maybe the Yoga was good for me.

Yoga… it’s a interesting person that can teach it… lots of interesting chatter that comes out of their mouth! lol  I learned that my shoulders are always tense.  I had to actually work at relaxing them.  It felt so good to stop holding them tensely.  I also realized that I don’t breath deeply.  You know what I mean?  I don’t stop to breath in full breaths…and exhale fully.  It was an interesting discovery.  It was work to try and change that.  Yoga… it was good.

This change in my life, after having kids home with me for the last 16 years… is a huge change.  I am loving it.  I feel like hugging the moms I see in line with the screaming toddler as they check out.  I want to reassure them that it will be Ok.  I don’t though, I admit, but rather walk on by with a smug look on my face. lol

I have given myself this week to do as I please.  Next week is a busy week filled with appointments for the boys and company coming.  The week after, I hope to start writing and working on my book.

My surgery is schduled for the 11 of October… the day I say goodbye to my uterus… it has served me well.   During my recovery I plan on devoting time to writing and editing… of course reading and even tv watching. 🙂

The boys are all settling in well.  The first day of school, I was in Josh’s class, saying goodbye to him and leaned over to kiss him, something he always responds to without thinking.   Not this time. He pulled back and paused.  Ouch.  Not a baby anymore.  We high 5’d.  He told me it was OK to snuggle and kiss him at home but he didn’t want to do so in front of his friends.   (At home he has no trouble being the baby!)

This year I only managed the 4 younger kids in my traditional Back to School shoot.  We woke up a bit late and were rushing out the door.  Sammy is in grade 11… that just seems so crazy to me!  Tyler is in grade 10!  My Jordan is graduating from Rhema this year.  Soon it will be 3 in high school and 3 left at Rhema.  Life is just going by too fast and yet some days, not fast enough.

This week… it was a good week.  Tomorrow is Friday.  I have my Good Neighbour Meeting… with a great new bunch of people added to an already fabulous bunch.  I am meeting with a friend first thing to walk.  I love that.  Usually my play dates revolve around food.  I am trying to change that, at least a bit.  I love Friday… It has always been my favourite day.  Not much on our calendar…. for the weekend.  Dinner out with friends on Saturday night, to my favourite restaurant with our Indian Posse, to hang out and to plan the next Indian Dinner.  Yes, we have two other Indian families here, so I can actually have a Indian group of friends.  The three couples.. we are taking ball room dancing.  Lord, have mercy on me.  Sammy said, “Can you tape it for me?”  lol

OK… I’m rambling.

Hope you and yours had a great start to the new school year.


(Pictures to follow later… too lazy…)

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