Friends, Fever, Hot Dates

My body is not sure what to do with all the exercise that’s been coming it’s way!

Today I met a lovely friend and went for a walk.  It was a beautiful day and it seemed everyone was out and about.  As we walked down the bike path, we saw a lady, a grown lady behind shrubbery, but not hidden, squat and pee.  Extremely distrubing.  Even more disturbing was seeing  this lady, a bit later, with a totally different outfit.  Obviously after peeing, she changed, without too much need for privacy.

What is up with people today?  Have you noticed men, grown men, stopping on the side of the highway and peeing, just because they can?  They don’t even bother to hide behind a door and be subtle.  Why is that?  No shame anymore.

Walking was great.  I was pooped but absolutely loved the sweat and aches I was feeling.  I love catching up with my friends.  I love the honesty I have with most of them.  I love the realness that we share.  I am so blessed.

Friends of mine, I love you.

I spent time at Sanj’s office sorting through all the reciepts that I have been stashing…and so desperately needing to turn in before I get in trouble.   While there I was fasincated at the busy-bodiness of people.  Some people just love to gossip.  Some people just love to be in the know.  Some people just love being know -it- alls, even if they don’t.

We had our first Good Neighbour Meeting today.  As you know, I love this committee. It is near and dear to my heart.  Most of my dearest friend at school have come from this committee… of just spending time on causes near to our hearts.  Maybe we are like minded and hearted… as this committee requires a certain kind of person… and there are many that don’t really get our cause.  It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in one meeting.  I always feel so rejuvenated after leaving, actually sorry that the time is up.  Today felt like that to me.  Lots of great people, new people adding to this amazing group… make for the outlook of a fabulous year.

My Josh is absolutely tuckered out.  He feels a little warm… I really hope he is not getting sick.  I am tired today too.  Lots of stuff on my mind, so that emotional drain always causes a physical drain.

Yesterday as the boys were asking me what I did during my day, Sanj added, “And she had lunch with a handsome man.”  Me… I was so baffled!  I looked at Sanj and said who?  I was so startled that he seemed to catch me having lunch with a handsome man… and I didn’t remember!

He frowned at me…. “ME!”


Oops!  Hehe… He didn’t really look like he appreciated that! lol

My birthday’s coming… 14 more sleeps!  Wonder what Sanj will have up his sleeve?  No pressure! 🙂

I love Friday evenings.  3 of the boys are off at a movie together and Sanj met them there after the sign up for hockey.  3 others are home.

I am enjoying these evenings… because soon hockey will start.  Youth group will begin.  There will be something happening almost every night.

Happy Friday Night!


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