What I love about having my family is starting from scratch. The past is the past. I can do things that I always wanted. Traditions. I love hearing about other family traditions. It is something that sets your family apart from others. So traditions are often done is many families.

I know many families buy their children new pajamas for Christmas Eve. I love to try and find matching ones if possible. But with each passing year that is getting difficult.

The first day of school, I always have a little something. The last day of school they get a book or Dairy Queen.

When they turn 10 years old, each son takes a special trip with Sanj for the weekend.

After SK graduation you get your first watch.

East Side Mario’s is our family restaurant of choice. They know us there from our weekly visits. They are welcoming and accommodating. This is where we celebrate our birthday dinners. Tradition has had it that the birthday person gets a pie in there face! Despite the fact that we have done this for a couple of years… the birthday person is giddy with the anticipation!

Traditions… they make families special. I love putting our own special stamp on our family with our traditions.

This is a picture of my sister-in-law being a good sport on her Birthday while here for a visit this past spring!

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