As an almost 40 something, I know this world is not perfect and many times sucks. The ones that usually suffer is the children. Our house is always open to the boys and their friends. Yesterday was Tyler’s birthday and so he invited one of his friends to spend the day and night with him.

Now the friend that he picked, isn’t one of the boys I would have picked to come over for that length of time. Jimbob (no that is not his name) is a child that is not parented. His mom is busy with her social life and trying to be “hip” like her teenage daughter.

Jimbob called here at 11p.m. and asked to speak to Tyler! My heart stopped for a second wondering who died? Is Tyler ever awake at 11p.m. most nights? NO!

The kid has 2 earrings (God I sound like my mother) and KNOWs too much about stuff. He has a girlfriend and is now Facebook all the time. Did I mention that he is 11 years old?

Actually, what I do care about is my kid. I can’t very well say to Tyler “stay way from Jimbob.” I know that isn’t going to work especially when they spend 8 hours of school together. I feel sorry for this child. He is often left anywhere he is wanted. It is almost 3 p.m. I can not reach his mother … nor have I spoken to her. His grandmother dropped him off yesterday morning.

I am wondering if he is here to stay. OK… I know this isn’t Christlike and normally I wouldn’t care. I suppose I am bothered by the mother’s lack of mothering. I am bothered that she doesn’t have the courtesy to call and see what I had planned today.

This weekend we are adding 3 more children to the family. Good friends who often take our children are having a getaway.
I needed the day to simply regroup. My cleaning lady didn’t come today either. Maybe that is why I am off… cleaning does it to me all the time.

OK… God, please give me a servant’s heart. Bless this child (protect my child from ungodly influences) and help us to be more Christlike all the time. Not just with the easy ones… help me to remember that you love this family as much as mine.

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