What Not To Wear!

I love TLC. I love the shows about flipping homes, real estate shows and cooking shows. One of my favorites is Clean Sweep! It always fascinates me, people that have NO SHAME. I realize we all have a room that may be a “catch all.” But when their is full of nasties and pure filth, I am always so embarrassed that people have no qualms to show all of America.

My other favorite is “What Not To Wear.” I love Clinton. I find Stacey annoying but love her style. I would agree to dress really bad just to get on. I am dying for Nick to give me a style. (OK I realize I am assuming I don’t dress bad… all the time). 🙂

I have learned many things from watching it. No mini skirts after 35 years old, especially the mini minis. Mom jeans… they just make you look bad! Why do they make them anyways? If not certain, stick to a straight cut all the way down. It elongates you!
Do I sound like I could have my own show?

OK, here is a big one! If a shirt is pulling apart at the buttons all the way down…UMMMMMM it is too small. I know we all hate to go up to the next size. It is amazing how a size number can rule emotions. I love Old Navy because I am a size 6 there!!!

When buttons are pulling apart, it is unattractive. There is no nice way to say it. You look bigger and draw attention to where you don’t want the attention! It is better to get the bigger size to fit the biggest part of you and then have it tailored.

Really, we don’t want to know what panties you are wearing.

Double breasted jackets and huge shoulder pads… a thing of the past. I love the rule that if you wore a certain fashion once, you shouldn’t wear it the second time around! Sorry, no more leg warmers!

This is not my stuff… I am just passing the word on.

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