My Blessings!

Today Sanj and Tyler were at a father/son golf tournament. I decided to take our remaining 5 + the 3 other kiddies we adopted this weekend to the Toronto Zoo. It was a great day. I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of pride. I love my children, each one of them so much.

It was great because there was just a few minor complaints among themselves, otherwise with the added kids, it was wonderful!
Everyone got along. We were at one of those stops off the highway to grab lunch. It was very busy and it took a while to get our order. A lady came up to us and said, “I just couldn’t walk away without telling you how well behaved this group of children are. You just don’ t see that very often, especially with so many kids.”

As I was driving to the zoo, I was flooded with pride and love for my children. They really are good kids. They drive me nuts more times than they don’t. Often I forget to see the bigger picture. Usually I am too busy telling them, “don’t do that!” or “stop that!” How often do I tell them how proud I am of them?

We were at the splash pad, some of the kids were changing and Sammy was holding Josh. It was so lovely to see Josh just smooch Sammy a BIG one! It was even better to see Sammy’s 13 year old grin!

What a blessing it is to be a parent. I realize those blessing come in small little blips of time. I usually miss them if I am not looking for them. Sometimes I even take those blessings for granted. I love when we are driving and my kid sitting in the front seat will hold my hand while driving. I LOVE THAT! They never pull their hand away… and hang on till I have to let go.

I love that snuggle in the morning in my bed. I love how they go back to sleep. It is just such a reassuring feeling … that little/or not so little body beside you.

I just love my children. I hope that they feel my pride and love even when I forget to verbalize it.

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