They always say that envy is the green eye monster. OK I am not sure if that is the actual saying or not but it is one of my Reema-isms, as Sanj is fond of calling them. I had this huge moment today. Literally, it was a moment. I am lucky. That was my moment… I AM LUCKY!

One of my girlfriend’s life has always been charmed. At least in my eyes. Her life has been “easy” for lack of a better word. She never had money worries, she had parents she could always count on, life never presented her with any “major” issues. This was something I was always very jealous of. I always told her she had a lucky streak… a charmed life.

My brother, Kumar, is another person that has had a pretty charmed life. Of course he had the same crazy life but he was popular in high school, had girlfriends and opportunities came his way. Not regular opportunities either. Now I can’t say I was as jealous of my brother simply because he worked hard for the things he got.

Charmed people. Then there are the people that seem to be down on their “luck” constantly. Is it fair? I have struggled with that question for years. Fairness. Here on this side of the globe life is good despite our circumstances. Then I think of the other side… starvation, sicknesses (that we have cures and vaccinations for), or simply drinking water… these are struggles… every day. I think of the babies crying from hunger and the mother’s hearts listening to the cry. Just writing this makes me feel so sad.

Is it fair? Nope. Guess that really sums up sin. SIN… not God’s fault … I want to say not my fault either… Wait till I get my hands on EVE! All the things I have complained about is really just life here. My coach said to me today… “everyone has pain.” I never thought of it that way. Maybe pains on different levels but pains and hurt. EVERYBODY… some are just better at covering it up.

Today I realized I was Lucky. Life is good. Aw, sure it would be better if…. but for the most part, it is good. If you have people who love you, unconditionally and people or even one person to listen to you… it is all good.

I love that definition of lucky! Then when I realize I am lucky I see it in so many areas.

Our house sold in 2 months. There are so many houses for sale…for a long time. We found a house! The price was right.
We have working vehicles… (despite my van being a piece of junk… thanks GM). We are all healthy. No major illnesses. (Though as I write this some of the boys are feeling off). We have love. Despite the everyday bickering that occurs… I love my boys with all my heart. Those words are just not adequate, really. Then there is Sanj. Not only do I love him with indescribable love, what is greater is his love that I can feel and see. WOW! That is luck!

OK… lucky isn’t the best word. Blessed. When I am looking at someone else, it really does seem lucky or charmed. But today I know better. Blessed. It is a great feeling. It doesn’t mean perfection. It doesn’t mean there aren’t issues or worries, it isn’t perfect. But blessed is having someone to share the stresses. Blessed is having a friend to share it all with. Blessed is KNOWING 100% that you are loved. It is knowing if you died today, you will be missed.

I am lucky. I am blessed. I am loved. I am lucky.

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