And the week has started off with a bang…

Max and I made the trek to Sick Kids yesterday to meet with our doctor.  The results from the esophageal manometry came back and we learned that his esophagus is not contracting properly.  His esophagus and spinter are contracting too softly.  So, next will be the test where he will eat and they will watch what his stomach is doing with the food.  (I forgot the name of this procedure).  We have a great doctor that is working to narrow down what is causing this issue.

We came back and had an evening where 5 of the boys had a hockey game.  Crazy, eh?  I had very tired kids today.  2 are already in bed.  The rest are following suit.

I started my day losing it with one of my teens.  He is just not a morning person, I get that.  Yet, he dilly dallies every morning.  Over a half an hour in the shower… then his room… then he putters downstairs.  I lost it today.  Well, really I lost it over his constant mumbling.  I get that when you are a teen, your parents are dumb.  I’m ok with that.  Yet, please be smart enough to mumble quietly because when I hear it, I lose it.  So I lost it.  Then I felt like I smuck all day.  I hate when I see my dad coming out of me.  It’s the crazy in me.

I spent the day declutter and cleaning the house.  It was the first time I stayed home in a long time.  That made me grumpy.  I hate cleaning.  It was pouring outside. It was a stay at home kind of day… though.  Thankfully we went out to supper and my bitchy mood evaporated.

As my boys grow up into young men, I am fasincated and a little distrubed as to the kind of girl they seem attracted too.  Bossy, actually very bossy, catty things.  This is distrubing.  Is that how I am?  Given, I am bossy… as Sanj kindly pointed out, yet this is out of necessity.  Otherwise, I’d say I am a pretty nice girl.  Why are my boys taken by these kinds of girls?  I told Max, “I’d rather you bring home a boy then Girlie Girl Bossy Pants.”  Actually, I am not joking!  My boys are pretty passive, when it comes to the female gender.  What kind of girls will my boys bring home to be my DIL?  I’d better start praying more diligently for my sons and their future wives.

Tomorrow I’ll have a soft, smooth face to kiss… as the Movember will be gone!!!  I’m so grateful.  Sanj had a low beard forever.  Then in the last years… maybe 7-8 years ago, he shaved it all off.  Now it just seems strange seeing him with facial hair.  And it feel awful.  Ouch!

I do love this man… hairy or not.   🙂

And I’m off… I hope to have the house looking a little Christmasy… for my Cookie Exchange this Sunday.  At least it’s clean (er).

Happy Tuesday!

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