144 Cookies and Counting…

I was reading this book that was set around friends and a Cookie Exchange… and of course the thought came to mind that I must plan one!  How fun… as I invited people that I would usually invite… it seemed that the day that it was planned for was one that everyone was free!  Nice… except I was at 12 friends and counting… that was 144+ cookies each person had to make.  Yikes!  Since I am not a baker of sorts and don’t do this with any regularity to feel confident in my skills, I was a little overwhelmed.  OK.. that’s a lie, I was a lot overwhelmed.  I begin asking everyone I knew for a good cookie recipe.  I began googling Cookie Exchange sites and formed a few rules for each of us to follow… the main one was that all cookies or treats must be homemade and fresh!

As I got my act together to begin this process, I had another Idea!  If I am baking, I may as well bake for Sanj’s office’s open house!  I mean, why not?  Yes, I realize I have issues… and so I began…  I made Thumbprint Cookies (thanks, Debbie), Haystacks, Buckeyes (which I have to finish tonight)… and I still have a recipe I really want to try from my cousin, Tina.  Then, I also made homemade bread and soup for the boys.  Crazy eh?

Yesterday was the day of my cookie exchange.  This meant since it was a Christmas Cookie Exchange, I needed the house to have some resemblance of Christmas.  Since I was having company, the house, well the main floor, needed a major tidy.  And then I decided that  I wanted to make this a real dinner kind of party, with real plates and accessories instead of my go to paper plates.

I forgot to take a picture of the room all ready for my friends… but it looked so grown up!  I was impressed!  Saturday as I was working I became extremely bitch as no one was really being helpful.  Chatting around the table, I was glad to realize that many of my friends get this way too.  Not an excuse though….  Yesterday my dearest hubby was bit by the cleaning up bug and hung stuff up and helped totally make the house so acceptable for company.  Then he took all the boys to Oshawa to meet his brother and watch a hockey game.  I love this man.  I know he wanted to stay and enjoy the fruits of his labour… but he did the great dad thing and off they went for a supper of junk and more junk.  (The boys came back so wired it was almost funny… almost!)

As my friends ate, laughed and shared as only a group of ladies can, I was struck by the abundance of love and friendship that is in my life.  I often feel lonely or miss my friends of yesterday simply because that was a time we were so present in each other’s lives.  There was no kids, hubbies or real life to occupy time, just school, homework and sleep.  What I miss from those friendships is the openness I have with them.  Today’s friendships are beautiful in their own right yet life seems to get in the way.  When I had the opportunity like yesterday to sit and hang with my buds… my cup truly felt as if was overflowing.

What happens when you  have a dozen wives in the room?  The table gets cleared in record time and the dishes are washed, dried and put away before I could blink!  Love it!  This is why Sister Wives may be a workable idea! lol

We will make this a yearly thing… with this group of ladies… so much fun.

Here’s to a busy week… Hope yours a fantabulous!

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