Tooth Fairy… where are you?

My life with 6 sons is summed up in one word… ADVENTURE!

You never know what you are going to experience or find.

Going to the bathroom can be an experience all in it self… sitting on the seat and sliding from the gift of pee left for me by the last visitor. Hum…

The things that humor them often leave me baffled. I stopped for gas on the way home… Max and his buddy in the car say, ” Mom, if you need gas, you should have asked. I have plenty!” This is followed by laughter that won’t stop and every time the word gas is said as in “I’ll be right back, I have to pay for the gas…” hilarious!

One thing about childhood I cannot stand is the whole lose a tooth bit. It really grosses me out. I can still remember the feel of the wiggle of a tooth hanging by that last bit. Yuk.

Thankfully, all the boys so far have no issues with pulling out their teeth and taking care of business.

Yesterday Jordan had a tooth bothering him. It was loose and he said, “Can I just yank it out?”
“Well of course you can if you want,” was my reply. We were leaving the house.

I was making supper and see bits of blood around and bloody tissues. Yuck. I called him to clean it up. As I continueto make supper I see this thing on the counter… it does not look familiar. Upon closer examination I see it is a tooth. Gross.

Guess I forgot to tell the boys about the tooth fairy.

This picture is a few years ago when Jordan lost one of his front teeth on the airplane and one after we landed.

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