Special People

My brother Kumar and I often talk about the blessing of coming from a crazy household and making life as an adult as “normal” as we know. We often have talked about what helped us. One of those things was the special people God placed in our lives.

It is such as blessing when people “love their neighbour as yourself.” It was these people that made impactful impressions on our lives. There are so many people that I could name that had a hand in my future as an adult.

Mr. and Mrs. Canther… they were our Pathfinder leaders in Orlando. They loved young people and God. They were such real people who gave the greatest gift of their time. They believed in me and took an interest in me. They were such a role model of leadership, service and Christianity. I don’t even know if they are alive… yet hope that I will be able to let them know how much they touched me.

In Ohio, there was Dr. and Mrs. Agard. These are my girlfriend’s parents. They always treated me with love and kindness I can never repay. They have big hearts and helped me realize that there are good people that don’t mind stepping up to the plate when others fail too. They will always have a special place in my heart.

In Michigan, at Andrews the people that changed my life was the Knight Family. These special people taught me about family. The good and the bad, about loving, forgiving, and accepting all of each other. I lived with them for 4 years and a bit. They became my home (away from home). They loved me. They worried about me. They hurt with me. They nurtured me.
They were proud of me.

I felt safe. I felt cared for and wanted. I felt needed. I felt appreciated. I was loved.

I was blessed with all these people in my life to add to what me parents did give me. I always have a home away from home.
My children have learned to love the Knights as extended family members.

This was a gift from God. My brother has his own list of people that touched his life. God took care of us, had it all planned out despite the fact that we may have got the shorter end of the stick.

What a special gift… people who can love and welcome someone into their lives and love them.

I hope to pass that blessing on throughout my life. I pray that God uses me to touch lives and give back too.

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