Cash In on Energy!

The boys are FULL of energy. Their level of energy is never a shortage. Yesterday we bought up all the winter clothes up, sorted and boxed. The boys wrapped all their trophies and packed them up. Total of boxes packed… 8! Now only 800 more to go!

The boys were great. I love their energy and enthusiasm about the move.

They are more motivated to pack then I am.

I love it. I may as well cash in and get stuff done with their unending supply of energy.

Tyler even gave up golf to pack! WOW!

As we were packing and sorting the clothes, we made sure the clothing still fit. As stuff was passed on, it was like a treasure being found. Max getting Sammy’s favorite hockey sweatshirt! Zach getting Max’s stuff… hand me downs is awesome! 🙂

Hope this continues on as they become teenagers!

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