Elephants, Where Are You?

Of course I should have known better!  It’s Friday… (did I mention our cleaning lady quit… apparently to go back to school…but I’m not sure really…), since returning back from India, I’ve had sick kiddies and have not really had the time or limbs (since I have had a kid attached to them) to get much else done.  Today… I made myself a vow to tackle the house, the floors, the toilets, the laundry… today, after sending ALL the kiddies to school, finally!

I awake and realize that busses are cancelled.  Outside is pure ice.  I watch the dogs slipping their way around. Sigh.  Do you think that the boys, who never wake up until being hollered at 50 times, would sleep in?  NOPE!  They are all bouncing on my bed, waiting to hear if the school hockey tournament is cancelled.  All are home. Yay!  Well normally, but I really wanted an empty house to clean.

Sanj woke up sick. 🙁  Today he took off to work even harder putting up boards for the outdoor Under the Locks hockey tournament this weekend.  He will freeze all weekend, putting up boards, helping organzine the teams, be a human zamboni all day and then in between hearing comments of ungrateful parents, will then be there till late Sunday, tearing down the boards and helping clean up.  Crazy.

Oh well… as I sit here, avoiding the mess, watching the snow fall with a fury, I am grateful for all my blessings… a house, heat, food, stuff, lots of stuff that causes messes and love.  Lots of love.

While in New Delhi, I asked our guide/driver, Santosh, where the stereotypically  elephants were.  You know, in movies, you always see the token elephant wandering on the streets.  He seems baffled.  “Elephants, Ma’am? Elephants in the ju.”  (Later we interpreted “ju” to be zoo.  Elephants are in the zoo! The boys and I had a good laugh about this.  I’m sure Santosh was thinking, “Crazy Canadian!” 

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  1. Sedie says:

    Love your stories lady!

    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been awarded the “Versatile Blogger Award” on my blog.
    Have a great day!

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