Surrogates, Vomit, Idiopathic…

Have you watched the show 19 Kids and Counting?  For many reasons, this isn’t a show I watch.  The other night as I was flipping channels and paused on this show as they were asking FAQ.  One of the questions was if the mom ever lost it?  She, in her calm way, answered no.  She believed in talking calmly to her children.  Blah Blah Blah… the rest was lost to me and I changed the channel.  Maybe I feel so inadeqate watching that show.  Most of the time, I can barely keep up.

Here’s something that happened last weekend… while we were busy with the Indian Dinner, Max was invited to his friend’s house.  He wasn’t really interested in spending the day being ignored and then hours at the school.  So off he went.  He came home and told me a little tale…  this friend’s mom looked at his winter coat, which is bright blue, checkered with white in there and asked him if he threw up on his coat.  It was filthy.  You know, it’s winter, my kids rub up all the time on the dirt off the van, among other things.  Washing their coat only happens if I am on a laundry binge and everything else is washed and caught up (you understand that never happens) … or that wash I do on the coats before putting them away for the winter ( and truthfully sometimes it doesn’t happen then).  Anyways, she proceeded to wash his coat.  Max, I think, wasn’t sure what to think.  Me… I laughed, really laughed out loud… and then laughed a little more feeling ashamed. Ugh.  His coat looked that bad?  Yikes, I didn’t notice.  Zach’s winter coat, which has a bit of white is filthy.  I wonder if I could send him to Max’s friend’s house this weekend?

Each of my boys has a surrogate family.  You know, they have a family that I can call and feel absolutely comfortable asking for help, the need to send them over night, knowing that they will be loved and cared for, sometimes as in this case, better than at home.

Sigh.  Thank you, God, for these wonderful families that love my boys and fill in without every being asked.  I’m so blessed, all around.

Thank you, Friends!

PS… Speaking of Max… he seems to have outgrow his throwing up.  For the most part, he has stopped.  We just have that occasional time he may.  It seems to have been an idiopathic kind of thing.  Thank you for all your prayers that you sent our way.

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