3 more sleeps!!!

Till what, you ask?  FLORIDA!!!  I am off to a writer’s conference… same retreat I was on last year… and to add to the wonderfulness of it, my bestie will be coming to join me during my free time… which means no sleep, exhaustion and yet totally rejuvenated.   I am not even grumpy as I get caught up on laundry, tidy and organize.

I am looking forward to eating at my favorite Olive Gardens (we don’t have it here) and enjoying the warmth of West Palm Beach.  Apparently on Wednesday before I leave we are suppose to get 15 cm of snow! A little bit of shopping, maybe, since my bestie does not like shopping.  Again, I have questioned how are we friends???

I am helping my 10 year old with his speech they have to do in grade 4.  His topic is on being a hockey family.  As we were counting games in ONE WEEK that is our commitment… I counted 14 hockey games (give or take) we have scheduled (no doubt Sanj will read this and correct me … but the correction will only be a higher count)!  CRAZY!!! NO wonder I go crazy!  No wonder I feel overwhelmed by the word HOCKEY.

I am going to leave it at that.  We are near the end of the season.  Thank you, Jesus.  I have to admit that I enjoy the play offs… they are more exciting as there is something more at stake.  I am constantly fascinated with the character of some hockey parents.  It is actually horrifying the bad behavior that occurs.  Sad.  Disappointing.  Appalling. Sigh.

I am so tired today, I stayed up watching the Oscars in the hopes that The Help would take it all home and was disappointed that a movie I hadn’t heard of won, The Artist.  Guess we don’t get that kind of movie here in Peterborough! lol  Anyway, after watching it till the end, 11:30 pm, I couldn’t sleep.  I kept tossing and turning.  Needless to say, I am so sleepy.  I spent today doing a ton of laundry and making chicken curry.  The boys were happy to come home to food ready (at 2:30 pm) which means they will be eating another meal after hockey.

This is a series of pictures with my weird child Maxwell with his very curly, long hair.  I love his shaggy head!  I wish I had it.  I wish I had the fullness of it. Sigh.  It is actually quite long and now he is ready to have it cut… short.  Bye curls.  I’ll miss you.  I wish I never took my healthy ‘thicker than it is’ head of hair for granted.  🙁  I went to the dermatologist last week in regards to these spots on my face and guess what… all the spots disappeared! Nice!  And I asked her about my hair… she told me the great news that I had female pattern baldness happening.  Wow.  Why me?  Obviously it isn’t hereditary … so this made me very sad.  I could take a med to stop the hair from falling out but I’d have to take it forever.

Indian people have been known to put oils in their hair.  I never understood the reason or I suppose never questioned it.  Not to long away, while at the Indian grocery story, I was told by a couple of friends that this hair oil, Amla, really helps promote hair growth and strengthens the hair too.  The only problem is that it is stinky.  I heard that emu oil is effective too.  Where do I get it and does it smell better?  Any thoughts?  I know that some just embrace their thinning hair but honestly, I am just too vain.  It really bothers me.  Cutting bangs really helps hide my thinning side to some degree… but I am only 43 years old.   Why???  Oh well… I will continue to search this out.

I hope your week is a great one!


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