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It seems strange to say this but I miss India.  I miss being there.  I miss spending time with my family there and getting to know my motherland.  Is that strange?  How could I live a life away from there and yet feel that void after just a short time there?

I really hope to go back soon.  I felt something there that I have not found here.  What is it? I am not sure.  Yet I felt something…. that I have felt missing since my return.  I found that while in India my pulse seems to quicken.  I felt alive in a way that is different here. Oh, my pulse quickens often enough but it is usually caused by my boys stressing me out. I guess I just needed more time to take it all in.  There was so much of India that I haven’t seen.  Actually, I only saw a smidgen of it.

I am missing it though.  I miss having family close by.  You know the gatherings full of food, yummy food, of hugs from aunties and the laughter of hanging out with cousins.  I miss that.

Right now my boys are hanging out with their cousins.  I want them to have those memories of playing, fighting and laughing together.  The boys love when we go to DC and they get the chance to hang out with family.  It is one of their most favorite things to do in the world.

I have been planning on writing a post about our projects in India… my brother did a great post on this and so I am going to copy his post.  I know we each have our charities and causes close to our hearts that we give to.  Yet if you can consider this… The project about the benches is the one the boys are working on… if you have an extra $20 or $100 (or anything in between) for this project, please message me (  We can make should a difference.

(This is the little church in India with the Pastor that the boys are raising money for benches.  The picture below is the inside of this church. Members sit on the hard concrete as they worship).

Our Projects in India

Written by Rajkumar Dixit

Dear friends, as you may know, I spent a few weeks in India in January.  I went there originally for a speaking appointment at Spicer College. In addition, I was working on a pre-trip to plan an evangelistic series next January.  

While I was there, I learned so much about the gospel work that is taking place in India.  Did you know that in the last ten years, the membership in the East Central India Union has grown from 180,000 to 900,000. Could you imagine if we had that rate of conversions taking place in America?  

 The church in India cannot keep up with the paying regular wage scales to their pastors or bible workers.  In fact, they have been hiring lay pastors on a stipend basis to oversee several churches at once.  Each of these contract Bible workers will care for two to four congregations of new believers.

 I am working with Pastor Ron Watts (former president of the Adventist church in India) on providing bicycles to 73 lay pastors.  They often travel long distances, many times taking a bus overnight to visit a church or village. A bicycle would be a great relief to these workers as they do ministry.

 The cost of a bike is $85US.  The monthly stipend of a bible worker is $65 per month.  As you can imagine, this is a difficulty for them to purchase.   A bicycle will enable these gospel workers to give Bible studies to new prospects and existing members. Riding the bus is very time consuming and restricts their movements.

 The total cost is $6,205 for all 73 bicycles.  How many bicycles are you willing to sponsor? 

 You can inbox me if you are interested in sponsoring a bike, or numerous bikes.  I will give you the details as to whom to make the check payable to, and the address.  

 If you are interested in some other related projects:

 Church Benches:  I am also raising funds for the Manapuram Church, near Visakhapatnam.  This church has no benches for the members to sit on.  This is a very poor, farming community, whose income is so little, they will never be able to pay for benches. The members are mostly elderly, yet very faithful, and sit on the floor, for now.  They hope to build teak benches.  $50 per bench.

 Funding Gospel Workers:  The North East Andhra Section of India is trying to fund 23 workers at 1000 RS (equals to $20 US per month) to serve as contract ministers.  For $240 a year, you can support the salary of one contract pastor who will be able to do evangelism and pastoral duties.  

 Car for the Conference:  The North East Andhra Section leaders are requesting a car so they can visit all of the churches and missions that are under their territory.  These conference presidents (and leaders) are dependent on public transporation to oversee the gospel work.  I don’t have figures for a vehicle, because the email just came to me this week, but if you are interested, please inbox me, and I’ll follow up with you.  

 Thanks for giving this consideration and making a sacrifice for the gospel work in India.  Feel free to message me, if you have questions.  

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