Spring Break and Big Dreams!


Today was day two of the boys break.  This means sleeping in and NO lunches!!!  Well, of course we’ll have lunch but I won’t be making those boring lunches that they never seem to eat anyways!  Today was the first Saturday in forever that we had no where to be!  This meant Sanj was up and fiddling on the computer, making some hockey movie and blaring the music SO LOUD that I had to come down and shhhh him but by this time all the boys woke up. (So not cool).  We had yummy waffles for breakfast and then every one seemed to veg out in various parts of the house.  I finished my book.  Then we headed to Toronto to the Toronto Marlies hockey game.  I didn’t have too high  expectations of this game but it was rather awesome.  We had amazing seats, second row from the glass, so the players and pucks were constantly banging (loudly) into the glass.  What an exciting game too.  It went into overtime… with the Marlies winning.

I loved watching Zachary… he just loves and understands the game so well.  He’s only 10 years old.  He has dreams of making it in the NHL and I found myself scowling at Tyler as he told him it was not likely.  Why burst his dream?  And who knows? 🙂

There was a time, I reminded my Tyler, that he thought that he was going to be a goalie for Toronto.  He looked at me and said, “I still am!” Hum…

Max was tired of his do and had it all cut off… now he feels bald.  It is quite a drastic change so he needs some time getting used it it.  Max is such a funny child.  He is forever saying thing that have me cracking up.  I said, “I love you, Max.”  I waited for the response back.  Instead he kinda nodded his acknowledgement of it.  When I said, “Hey…” He laughed and said, “What?  If I responded to everyone that said that to me…” and then ended up laughing at the reaction on my face.  lol What a child!

Not sure what this pose was about… except that it’s Max!The after shot of his mane shaved off.

I remember as I prayed for my babes, the one thing I prayed for specifically was they grow up with confidence.  I love seeing the boys believe in themselves.  Not to say that they each don’t have their insecurities (well, I don’t think Max does… lol) but I love that in so many ways they believe in themselves too.  I hope this continues as they grow.

I love these boys.  They do drive me crazy more than they don’t but yet they do fill my heart.  Keep dreaming big, my boys!

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