One of the greatest blessings in my life is friends. I have an abundance of great friends. I appreciate so much the fact that I am never alone. I don’t mean in a physical sense as much as in a life sense.

Take this move, for example, I have offers of help constantly. Help and encouragement. Last weekend, one of my friends took all 6 boys, and kept them for the day. The boys had a great time and I got so much done!!!

We have had offers of help for the actual move… now you know THAT is a good friend!

I was helping set the gym up for something at school with a friend one day. She looked over and said, “I love you.” That felt so good. It was just a no reason I love you. Those are the best!

As I get older I realize that life is too short to be critical. People are people. If they are willing to offer the gift of friendship that is huge. The older we get the harder it is to find true genuine people. Everybody has corks… it is what makes them unique.

How great it is to have these special people to go through life’s journey with. Family is the constant. They are the good, bad, and ugly. Friends are the icing on the cake. They add the mostly good.

There are so many lonely people out there. Sometimes it is hard to reach out… it is scary. Sometimes past hurts makes it impossible. It is one of the things that hurts me so much. Lonely people. Maybe because for a good part of my life I was lonely. Funny… but as I keep getting older, that “good chunk” of my life is slowly becoming a small chunk of my life. (Another blessing)!

Lonely people. There is nothing worse than feeling lonely or left out. It isn’t fun watching the world from the side line. Each year I encourage the boys to come home knowing the “new kid’s” name and inviting them to play. They don’t have to become their best friend but making them feel welcome is something you would want others to do for you.

Siblings are the family you have no choice… they are yours. Yet the sibling that is also a friend? What a gift. I wish this so much for my sons. The best way to have friends is to be a friend. I am forever telling them to treat their brother as they would treat their friend. It is a hard thing to live by!

To my friends, I love you. I cherish all that you have added into my life. I love that I am never alone… not really. Thank you for your gift of friendship. I treasure you and all you are… yes even the annoying parts! 🙂

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