Help Me…

What a day! I was on the phone catching up with a friend while the boys were playing hide and seek. Zach comes running in…”Josh got cut with a razor!”

Yup… blood everywhere… a nice ugly gash on Josh’s pointer finger. I do not do well with the whole blood and guts thing. You would think with 6 boys, that I have had my share… but we have been fortunate. Only a couple of incidents that required ER… both for Sammy.

Well getting the blood to stop was the biggest problem. We did go to ER as the cut was quite a gash… but 1.2 hours later, Josh having fallen asleep and the bleeding stopped, I left, making a stop at the drug store for gaze, etc.

All in a day’s work. This child of mine if a walking ticking time bomb. He finds trouble. He is drawn to trouble.

I am tired. I need a nap. All that nervous energy needs to be put to rest. But no… it is time to make supper.

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