My children are loud. Actually they are very loud. ALot… most of the time. Is this normal? I wonder what someone walking by thinks of the decibels coming from our house?

Sanj was in the basement studying and commented on the noise of our household. Actually he complained about it. He was funny is his description of the sounds… describing a banshee sound (that would be Max) and all the other yelling and probably laughing.

Jordan talks loud all the time. Maybe he needs his hearing checked. (hum…..)

Max has a banshee screech when he is excited and hyped up.

Zachary yells when he is losing a battle.

Tyler and Sammy are just loud.

is this normal?

I was in the grocery store today… the boys (4 of them) were antsy. The lady behind me says, “It does get better.. 4 boys.”

I said… “Well I actually have 6.”

Well that was the end of her conversation with me… she and the lady behind her began…”Well poor thing… I at least had a girl somewhere in there.” blah blah blah.

Where do I go with this? My boys are busy, very active and loud boys. What am I going to do? Get rid of a few? Try a muzzle? Shock collar?

I think that they are normal. If there was 2 of them it would seem sane. Normal. But that normal level of volume is multiplied by 6 . Nothing is normal. Everything is amplified.

I feel so lonely. I wish there was another mom of 6 boys that I could bouncy this off of. I have no normal. I feel so often we are own walking freak show. Look at that family!

I have to cling to what so many older than me have said. Boys are hard work now. They get easy. Girls are easier now.. they get harder.

I love them so much. I feel bad when I am driven to crazy. Today it is a good thing I have my crazy pill.

We are going out to supper. Then it is a early bedtime for everybody!

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  1. kumardixit says:

    You look just like Ammamma.