Missing Razors…

Yes, I am playing catch up on blogging.  I have been busy with a few projects and having found the time to write.  Yesterday one of the boys asked me if I still blog? lol  Well, I have to admit that I stopped a moment and wondered if it was time to quit.  Yet that made me reflect on why do I blog?  Do others really bother to read my stuff?  And does it matter?  I hear so often, “I read  your blog.  I am a secret reader.” I guess I do wish for comments or conversation but the bottom line is I really still do write for myself.  I hope that someday my boys will be pleased to have this “souvenir” of my thoughts.

Oh well, regardless, here I am again.  We awoke to our lawn having a white dusting of snow.  Not impressed.  It’s the end of April!!! Sigh.  I went to Toronto with my mom  (who is visiting) and my mother-in-law to grab some Indian groceries.  Things are so much cheaper there.

Have I said that I am missing India?  Is that strange?  I feel like I left a part of me there.  I miss our family there, even though I didn’t get to spend but a short time with them.  I think of them often.  I feel a bit of my spirit is restless.  I had such a wonderful time there.  Maybe there was always a part of me that was missing and I didn’t realize it till I felt it while there.

I can’t believe Jordan is taller than me… He really doesn’t like taking his picture with me anymore.  🙁

I realize I am rambling… Lately I am often taken back as I look at my older boys.  They are so big.  Not babies anymore.  I find it always a bit of a shock as I see their long legs, wearing mens size clothing.  Or I see evidence of shaving occasionally… too funny!  In fact… the other day, I noticed my PINK razor missing from the shower.  I also noticed my deodorant missing.  I have not one daughter!  I am the only female in the house.  When Sanj is annoyed by his missing wardrobe… that is to be expected.  But my stuff???  So I came out of my bathroom ranting!  WHO IS USING MY STUFF???  AND WHY?  Well, a child of mine (I will not use names to keep from embarrassing anyone… see I can do that!)… child of mine looked at me sheepishly and said, “But your razor is a nicer shave…”  Me… not happy!!!  So I looked at him and said, “Leave my things ALONE, please… and remember I don’t shave in the same places you do!!!” lol  Insert my child with an appalled look and his brothers rolling!

When questioning my husband about the usage of my deodorant, knowing he had just run out, he replied, “But it is strong enough for a man!”   Yes, I use Secret!

Aw… that made me laugh!  I admit I love embarrassing them!  So much fun!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! It’s mid week!!!

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  1. martha says:

    This is too funny. I had to share it with the Mom’s I work with. We all enjoyed a good laugh. Thanks Reema.

  2. Reema says:

    Thanks Martha!

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