Last week my mom who is visiting and I were at the Mall and it happened to be around lunch time.  My mom went to Subway to get a sub.  She ordered a veggie sub.  The lady serving her had been handling meat before my mom’s order.  My mom told her she didn’t want her to handle her veggie sub with her meaty gloves.  The lady was rude.  She took the tub that holds the lettuce and dumped it on my mom’s sub, despite the fact that the container held water.  My mom asked her to please make her another sub.  The lady said there was nothing wrong with her sub.   My mom asked how much her sub was, handed the lady the four dollars and told her she didn’t want it.  Now, the other worker told the lady helping my mom, “I told you that you shouldn’t be handling a veggie sub after the meat.”

My mom walked away. Now, of course, this riled me up.  Rudeness and unacceptable behavior.  Later when I went to the mall for hair cuts for the boys, I stopped by the Subway and asked for the manager.  As I begin to retell my story, she told me she had already heard what happened.  She leaned over, slowed her speech as one might for a young child and said, “Language Barrier was the issue.”  This manager is ignorant and for lack of a better word just plain dumb.  She obviously didn’t hear the philosophy that the customer is always right.  She had a hearing problem, that was obvious.  And if she had any skills at all.. I should have left there with an apology to my mom and a free sub… or something to make me feel better.  Instead I left there absolutely offended.

My mom has been in this country over 40 years.  Seriously Lady… language barrier?  Ignorance is a barrier too.  I called the Subway phone number and was told that I’d have a call back within 72 hours.  Sure enough, yesterday the owner called me.  Funny enough, her husband is Pakistani.  I told her that the manager is not someone I’d want representing my store.  I am not sure what will happen.  And yet I have done what I can.  I  will never return to that Subway nor will my family.  I still feel like it wasn’t resolved.   The owner should have done more than say that she’s speak to them.  I suppose I want to hear back… or something.  Shouldn’t we have at least received a free sub?  lol

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Sylvia says:

    I too went to that subway about 6 months ago & found the person really rude. I was asking for a few different things & she kept telling me she couldn’t & acting like I was the problem. I also said to myself & Luke who was with me that I would not go back to that subway.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I should add that I explained why I was asking was because I had a wheat allergy & would not be able to eat the bun, but would pay extra. Go figure!!

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