Thanks Eve!

What a crazy storm we had last night!  The younger boys and I were in bed, snuggling, when Zach pointed out the darkness that took over the sky.  It was scary, the wind howled, the rain was beating down and there was just an over all eeriness.  Sanj and older two boys were in town.  I was wondering if I should head to the basement with the boys.  It ended up being just a crazy storm.  One of my favorite lullabies is the beating rain on our steel roof… I absolutely love it.

After we came home from school yesterday, Josh walked in and was beaming as he gave me a tulip.  It was the only tulip in the garden. (Sad, I know).  This boy is so in love with me.I can’t imagine my life without this special boy of mine.  He is such a blessing.  This fall I really should plant a bunch more bulbs so that he will have more choices (he only has dandelions  now to pick).

I really wish I could get into gardening.  It is so not my thing. 🙁

Yesterday I was chatting with one of my friends about life, marriage and being a woman.  Being a woman is hard work.  We have so many expectations.  Don’t you think?  It can’t be helped.  It is who we are.  And when those expectations aren’t met… what happens?  There is such a hurt.   Disappointment.  There lays a hole in your being.  Is this true?

Sigh.  I am glad I have boys.  They live life so differently.  They are so oblivious.  They just don’t care.  They… men in general… are such simple creatures.  Simple.

Maybe we have too high expectations.  Maybe our definitions are different.  I was reading a beach read and had an epiphany.  Part of the story was this wife totally frustrated with her husband for not helping out in the house more.  He would eat and leave his dishes in the sink… even if the sink was cleaned.  He would leave his clothes everywhere and then expect them to be miraculously cleaned and hung up.  He wouldn’t care about his hygiene. Even after his wife ragged on him… never brush his teeth before bed or shower after working with the mulch and manure.  Etc.  She, the wife was fed up.

Eventually, in the climax, when the husband finally realized (through a series of events) that he is losing his wife, they have that talk.  He told her that he was trying.  He would mow the lawn, clean the garage out etc.  He was doing his best.  It was a shock for him to realize that his wife wanted help INSIDE the house.

Now I realize there are many men that get this.  Yet there are those that don’t.  Such a funny thing because last weekend we had company coming over.  I was bustling around, cleaning, cooking and getting irritated at doing it all.  Then Sanj came home.  And then he went out again.  To mow the lawn.

I found myself laughing as I read this part in the book as the man said, “You want me to help INSIDE the house?” Such a funny world.  I wonder if Eve had not sinned if we, as women, would have had things so much easier, in general?

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