I have survived. ūüôā Today marks ¬†three weeks of my hysterectomy. ¬†Each day that goes by gets better and better, unless I over do it and then I feel the consequences of those actions. ¬†Apparently I was quite a mess inside and so the took out the mess and 12 staples later… I was closed up. ¬†Something about staples and humans that don’t seem right! ¬†Josh’s face was priceless when he saw my owwie… simply because he has been told not to play with the stapler because it can hurt. lol

Sanj’s cousin, Dipal, is here helping me/us out. ¬†She is here from India. ¬†Last year she came and has been studying to pass her nursing boards. ¬†It’s been nice to have the company during the day, as I would likely have been stir crazy by now.

It is so hot! ¬†Our a/c remains broken… likely need to to replaced. ¬† I think it will be out for supper tonight… to enjoy some nice cool a/c. ¬†I feel like I was given writers block after my surgery. ¬†Nothing is coming out. ūüôĀ

I still know I need to write… ¬†rather than babble away I’m sharing a poem that Max wrote for school. ¬†I was surprised by it… it showed a Max that I don’t see ¬†too often. ¬†Enjoy.

I Am Max

I am a curious boy and I like to do my best

I wonder about how life was before Jesus came to earth

I hear things and want to learn about them

I see God guiding 

I want to learn more about life

I am a curious boy and I like to do my best

I pretend that I will always be a kid

I feel the need to know more

I fouch soft things and feel comfort

I worry about not doing good enough

I cry when I’m scared¬†

I am a curious boy and I understand Christianity

I say God’s the way!

I dream of succeeding

 I try to do my best at everything if possible

I hope to do good in life

I am a curious boy and I like to do my best. 

By Max Sukumaran

Age 12

Below is a little clip of my Max… being Max

Movie on 2011-06-12 at 09.59

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  1. Laura says:

    I remember doing poems like that when I was a kid. Max did a great job!

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