MILs and DILs

This weekend, while at friends, we were chatting about mother-in-laws.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I have always said that when it comes to a mama and her son, there is nothing like it.  Even the nicest of ladies becomes a little different when her son is involved.  Of course, I know there are exceptions.

I have already begun to pray that where my future daughter in laws are concerned, I’ll love them, butt out and mind my own business. (Please God…)  I think that having a life of your own, one that you love, is a big part of not being a busy body MIL.

So, about six months before the prom, one of my babes got asked by a girl, who was a senior.  They are/were always great friends.  I was surprised when she asked my son so ahead of time and even mentioned to my son that if something happens and she got asked by someone else, be prepared to be gracious.  My babe replied that it was no big deal.

The week of the prom, I asked my son if he shouldn’t be making some plans.  He said she had not mentioned it at all.  Sanj felt that he was in the right… that since it was her prom and she asked so should have taken the lead on having a  conversation with our son.

The prom goes by.  Soon on Facebook there are pictures of this girl with her group of girlfriends and their dates.  There are pictures of this girl with a boy.  I can’t lie.  I was livid.  I stalked her Facebook page whenever one of the boys would forget to sign out.  I even wrote (as one of the boys) on the picture with her and her boy, “Hey, that doesn’t look like (insert Son’s name).”

She never contacted him.  Never apologized.  Well… I can’t lie… I have many thoughts.  I mean, seriously, Chickie… How dare you mess with my boy?  He is way to good for your beep beep beep…

Sigh.  Sanj laughs every time he hears me determined not to be a meddling MIL.  I’m not meddling.  I’m just protecting my babes.  When they are married or even dating… I know I have no other choice but to mind my own business.  I’m sure by then my boys becoming men will have no qualms telling me to buzz off if I am crossing the line.  I am sure they will be strong men.  I mean I hope they are.  I hope that if I ever stepped out of line… they’d let me know.

Oh Lord Jesus… please help me to be a great MIL that loves my DILS.  Help me to be kind and loving and mind my own business.  Please help my boys to find and fall for nice, kind women.  PLEASE!!!



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