In My Life Time… Please

My girlfriend and I have this pact since forever about our “rocking chair days”… the time in life where we think we will once again be roommates.  Where are husbands are, I am not sure.  Passed on, I’m assuming. (Poor Sanj).  Anyways, it is quite common for us to say, “in our rocking chair days, we will…”  The other day I texted her saying I missed her.  She (who lives in Florida) said that she wished we were neighbours.  I replied that I have dibs being her neighbour in heaven.  To this she replied something about Jesus not coming in our life time so we’ll likely be rocking chair buddies first.

I found this comment disturbing… that Jesus wouldn’t return in our life time.  Do you think that He will?  I am 43 years of age so I would hope that in the next 40 years Jesus will come.  Yet then again, growing up, my dad firmly believed that Jesus would come in his life time.   My dad lived and breathe that belief.  We heard stories of the time of trouble and how we would live and survive.

Today, my dad is the hospital, his oxygen is down and they are keeping him there to monitor him.  After chatting with him a few minutes, as I was ready to hang up, he said, “Remember me in your prayers.”  🙁   As usual, my heart hurt and bled a bit.  So sad.  And yet I wonder if my dad still thinks that Jesus will come in his life time?

It’s been a cooler day today and this evening the boys and I went to the Dragon Boat practice to cheer our team in … cancer… that’s what this whole event is about.   I couldn’t help but notice a lady that was there last year, missing this year.  She is back to battling against this horrid disease.   I made me so sad and tired and weary of all the heart ache.

I feel a bit beaten today…  maybe it’s my hormones or the lack of my estrogen … but I feel tired and weary.

I really need to You to come, Lord Jesus, please.  Soon.  Now.  In my life time.  Or my dad’s.  Please.  Please.  Please.  Amen.

Is it ridiculous how much I miss India and think of my family there?

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