The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel… Run, Now…

Go see this movie.  You will love it.  Last night was such a crazy busy night of getting and picking up the boys … and yet I still made Sanj take me to make the 6:45 pm show time.  It was packed.  I was  a little stunned especially for Peterborough.  We had to sit in the second row, with our necks craned up at an uncomfortable angle and yet I was so glad we went.

I loved how it showed true India.  I loved the colors of this glorious country.  I loved the children and families depicted.  I found myself laughing out loud at the scene of the folks riding on the bus, scared for their life!

I found myself holding back tears of yearning… missing being there.  I had a rush of emotions, most of them I don’t even understand.  For much of my life, I wished I was American, with the white skin and blond hair.  I hated being different than others, especially when we lived in Ohio.  I wish I had a true appreciation for my culture and country growing up.  I guess if we grew up in Maryland with it’s own Indian community, where there were others just like me, it would have been different.

Going back to India was such a incredible journey.  I never felt bored.  I found myself wide eyed and amazed most of that trip.  Sanj asked if I wanted to retire in India… being funny… and I thought that what I want to do is travel India.  Experience all the ins and outs… all the vast cultures in this country.  I want to click my camera and capture all that leaves me breathless.

I need to go back.  This movie took me back for a couple of hours.  Great story too.
Go see it!  Now! Hurry…

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