Pain in the butt…

I  had a horrible morning.  How is that possible when it is only 9:29 am?  Well, it is!  First of all, I have the most terrible pain in my butt.  No, I am not talking about one of my children but rather a hemorrhoid (which shows up spelt a 100 different ways).  Yes, I am talking about this… it hurts.  ALOT!  The pains of the hysterectomy were bearable in fact not bad compared to this!!!  🙁  Needless to say, if you have a very sore bum, there are not a lot of comfortable options… as you use your backside to sit, walk and even lay down, since I can’t lie on my tummy totally yet.  A sore bum makes for a very grumpy me.  There are some things that such have an instant remedy for a fix.  (FYI- don’t google images of hemorrhoids! Nasty!!!)

I usually will just let things such as the wet towels the boys never hang up but rather love to drop on the floor, pass.  Or let it go that there’s been a bunch of clothes of the bench on the porch that no one can bring in.  Or that there was a pair of pants, by the piano, that people had to walk over to play the piano… yup, I live with pigs.  But usually, I let this go.

Then a child of mine gives me attitude.  Over something stupid…  like I am not willing to pay for a pair of water shoes or boots for one day’s activity.  Attitude.  Then he flings a shoe and it accidentally hit his brother’s nose and ….  then I lose it.

I’m sure my kids think I am crazy.  I am sure they wish they were born into another family.  I am crazy.  Most of the time I can hide it well.  Not today.

I mean, really, what do they do that is oh so helpful?  Yes, they have chores.  Yet, does it get done everyday without nagging.  Um… no.  (Of course there are times they do things wonderfully, but I’m grumpy today so I’m not focusing on that).

I left the boys at school.  My bum hurts.  Alot.  I am grumpy.  I feel like carrot cake. Oh and there is no hot water when I went into the shower.

It’s not yet 10 am.  I hope my day turns around real soon.  And my bum stops hurting.

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