Battle of the Weed…

It’s midweek… actually mid week will be tomorrow but it feels like it already.  So much happening! Last week, I hired someone to come weed the gardens.  I hate gardening.  I know, so many of you find it calming etc, yet I have not found that feeling, yet.  From a young age, my dad woke us up in the summers, to weed the huge garden he had so much pleasure nurturing.  I hated doing this.

If I had nothing to do, no laundry, no groceries to shop for, no meals to make, no errands to run… you know, if I didn’t really have a life, I think I would find gardening somewhat ok.  Sanj is usually the one that will eventually get to weeding the gardens.  So, last week, when I had someone here weeding, I went out.  I love being with people.  So, I squatted down and begin pulling a few weeds while chatting with them.  The thought crossed my mind, “This is kind of therapeutic…”  Soon I came to a weed that was very stubborn.  I think this weed felt as if it had been there forever, its roots grabbing on to the deeps of the earth, protesting, as I tried to pull it out.  I heard a voice saying “be careful…” and I thought I was being carefully, I mean it’s only weeding.  I kept yanking.  Then all of a sudden I found like in a game of tug of war, the weed gave suddenly… and I went falling back.  As the weed gave, I felt something deep inside me give too, as I felt myself fall back.  The inside of my tummy felt bad.  It actually hurt a lot.  More than the hemorrhoid (well, maybe not) but definitely more than the healing of my wounds.  I think that the insides where the doctor cut, had been healing fine, until I decided to something so stupid— weeding.  I’m pretty sure that I tore whatever was trying to heal.  And it hurt.

What hurt more was my pride as I called to tell Sanj that I was wounded.  He was silent for a minute… and then with puzzlement said, “You never weed.  Ever.  Why would you weed now?”  Sigh.  I know.  I know.  And I really don’t know why I did that.  I guess it seemed harmless.   I guess I was thinking how pleased Sanj would be to see my efforts (the part of someone else helping could have been my little secret, if he was impressed).

It’s been almost a week since my weeding injury.  As long as I really do take it easy… listen to my body’s chatter, I’m doing good.

Weeding and I  have broken up.  At least for now.  Sigh.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Reema, you are hilarious. I hope you haven’t done too much damage to yourself. some things are better left to other people I guess 😉 Some things I insist on doing. But I would gladly leave the weeding to another.
    Miss you honey, xox love, Cynthia

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