This week when we went to the Back to School bbq there were rumblings of some families that are not coming back. One in particular has broken my heart. Some families choose not to come back for reasons that are their own. They are lucky. The families that have to leave due to finances break my heart.

The Smith family (not their real name) is a family that needs to be a Rhema. Their circumstance is dysfunctional in a weird way.

Their grandpa is the one that has been paying the bill for Rhema. Every year he waits till the very last week to say yes or no.

This time it was a no. It came with a lot of meanness. The boy is in Tyler’s class. He still does not believe that his grandpa won’t change his mind. Tyler has lost 3 of his closest friends this summer to other schools. One to Lakefield, and 2 who had money issues.

So I am praying that God will work a miracle. Touch the grandpa’s heart. This isn’t about the parents. This is about what these kids need. About a family that needs to feel the love that is there.

Sanj and I have been racking our brains. If I had the money… boom it wouldn’t be an issue. If I could find 4 more families willing to pay $2000 boom it would be done.

I am working this all out in my brain. I hate that money is such a life factor. I hate the unfairness of it all. I hate the stress and power money has.

We had people, very generous people often help us with our schooling. I never really knew till I was older. How embarrassing yet how generous.

I just need to figure this out. Please God help us figure this one out. Yet if it what Your will, then please our Your comfort and strength over them. Help these kids to adjust.

I need to play the lotto!

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