Summer Days Are Here…

There’s something so special about the last day of school… isn’t there?  Maybe it’s just me but I love the end of a school year, of all the demands, structure, spelling words, homework, lunches and the dreaded early morning wake ups.  There is something so exciting about endless summer days, playing, bare feet, water and the leisurely meals… oh yeah!!!

I am not going to lie, my boys will no doubt drive me crazy at times, fighting with each other, the constant “Mommy…”  and yet in spite of that … I love our time together.  I love being with them.  I love making memories with them.

It started last night.  Somehow a BBQ  on the last day of school has become a tradition.  It is usually accompanied with the annual burning of unwanted school work in the campfire along with roasting of marshmallows.

I absolutely love how most of my boys 5/6 are social creatures.  They can get so carried away with “can we invite so and so?”  The weather was perfect!  The burgers were yummy.  Everyone bought salads of sorts and it was a feast.

I love people.  I am an extreme extrovert.  Of course if anyone from my high school days were to read this they would find this odd.  I was SO quiet.  My people from my life today have no clue of that person.  It’s almost impossible to comprehend. lol  I need people.  I love being with my friends.  I love feeding people.  I love bring people together for a party… no occasion needed and hanging out.  I hate when that first person stands up because then soon another one will follow and say it’s time to go. 🙁

Last night … it was perfect.  The laughing, the teasing, the planning… oh… this summer is going to be spectacular!  No, we don’t have big plans… but every week brings on a new adventure.  Going to the beach with friends… this is Monday.  Can’t wait.  My two oldest aren’t done till this week coming so that ties us down a bit.

So grateful for the break that summer brings…

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