Goodbye to JK Tears and All That Jazz

Last  night my third child left behind his junior high days.  In three months he will begin his high school career.  Jordan is off on his class trip to Montreal… good times, I’m sure!  Last night’s graduation marked 3 of our boys that graduated.  3 more to go from elementary school!  7 more years!  As I pondered that thought, I couldn’t help but think of all that would happen in that 7 years… 4 boys will have graduated from high school, maybe even university… by the time Josh marches down the isle and says good bye to Rhema!  Wow!

As Jordan leaves his Rhema years behind, I can’t help think of his first day at the school.  Sammy and Tyler had already finished JK and SK… and were in Grade One and Two.  Sammy only cried the second day of Kindergarten and then it was smooth sailing.  Tyler cried the first six weeks (I would so do things different now…) until one day he grabbed his teacher, Mrs. Herder’s hand… and the rest was history.  So, as Jordan headed into JK… he was excited!  I didn’t think there would any issues because this was his brothers school and he was so thrilled to be part of all the action.

At the end of the day, a group of moms and dads gathered outside the door of the JK room ready to grab their little person and hear all about the first day of school.  Then the quietness was slashed with a very upset little person, crying a cry of displeasure.  I can remember laughing and saying to someone, “Oh dear, someone’s not happy.”  After a few minutes the door opened and the kids started to come out.  Soon Mrs. Smale, the JK teacher came out.  I looked at her expectantly… wondering where Jordan was.  She came to me and said, “Jordan’s upset…”  First I was shocked that the wailing was from my child!  It didn’t sound like him!  I was almost a gasped that here I was laughing at someone else’s misfortune and it ended up being mine!

I walked into the classroom and almost tumbled over my little Jordan, there, sitting on the mat in front of the door… bent over, huddled over his beloved indoor shoes!  We had gone shopping, hyped up the fact that we were getting indoor shoes as big boys do when they go to school… and I never warned him that indoor shoes were to be left behind!  Now… I think that this was just a “excuse” to actually relieve the tension that had been accumulating from the stress of being in school and away from home.  Ah… my dear boy!  We ended up taking the indoor shoes home, prepping him that the next day they would remain at school and this ended the first day of JK.

So funny how this memory is one that has stayed with me.  Now this little boy of mine has grown into a big boy… and is off to the big school with big kids!  Wonder what his first day of high school will be like?  I’m pretty sure I will not be allowed to walk him to his class! lol

Congratulations Jordan!  I love you!

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  1. Uncle David says:

    So proud of you!!! May your successes be measured by every step you take to tackle any fear that gets in the way of progress. Manhood awaits you, so be ready….

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