Happy Fathers Day

It’s been a glorious weekend, weather wise!  Hot, sunny days!  I am so glad that there are only 5 more sleeps till school is done for the 2011-2012 school year!!! I am ready as are my boys to welcome a summer of relaxing and making memories!  It sounds as if we have big plans, doesn’t it… but no, we do not.  Yet just hanging out, going to the beach or creek sounds heavenly.  No lunches and no homework sounds even better!!!

I got sidetracked by the weather… It’s Father’s Day!  My boys are blessed with a wonderful Dad.  I was thinking of all the traits that Sanj has passed on…

To Sammy:

Well… where do I begin?  I think Sammy looks like me but as he continues to grow I often hear people say that Sammy looks like Sanj.  His athleticism is so not from me.  lol  He can thank Jesus for that.   He is a natural on the rink and golf course.  His love for sports is something that he definitely was gifted from his dad.  (I see no point in chasing a little white ball  over many acres in ridiculous heat!!!)  He is a charmer.  Girls love him!  He always has a plan or party to get to.  ( Oh wait, that’s me… well, Sammy is more like me then I care to admit!!! lol)

To Tyler:

This son of mine has always been know as our gentle giant! He has a very sensitive spirit and feels the pains of others easily.  He is very much a introvert.  He is the one that will have  a small selective few of  close friends and be very loyal to them. He is a planner.  He needs a goal and then sets his mind to accomplish it… no matter what.  He is a protector.  Don’t mess with his people!  Tyler is lover definitely not a fighter.  Unless defending his own.  This child of mine definitely gets his musically gifts from his daddy.  He joins Sanj on the praise team at church and it is always a beautiful thing to watch them strumming to their own beat!

To Jordan:

These two are the most alike.  Jordan is a mini me of Sanj.    Their pensiveness, their smarts, their musicality, their artistic abilities,  yes, I could go on.  Jordan was gifted with Sanj’s personality of being a gregarious extrovert and then the contradiction of being  introvert.  I see him laughing out loud with friends and yet this same child can spend hours in his room on his guitar… just as his father can get lost in his world of music that no one else is allowed.

To Max: 

First and foremost, Max gets his crazy locks from Sanj.  Yes, my dear hubby had a full head of crazy locks… and now Max shares that trait.  Max has a very corky sense of humor.  So does Sanj.  I mean it is almost scary the similarity there is in their corkiness!!!  Max, too, appreciates his solitude.  He gets his love for fishing from his daddy as well as his smarts.  Max also inherited Sanj’s diligence in school work.  If he is told to do it, he will.  Max is a ladies man. (Lord Jesus, help me.)  Sanj still has the ladies swooning as the leave his office.  Hairiness.  Yup.

To Zachary:

My heart hurts when I think of Zachary’s love for his family.  He loves us.  He adores his brothers (even though they find him irritating sometimes).  He loves his dad and mom and looks to please us in any way possible.  This loyalty, this immense love for his family is something that his dad has.  He is such a hard worker.  He plays hard too.  He loves nature and being outside.  He is a gift giver.  He is a lover not a fighter.  He is a very adventurous eater.  He is a being with a huge heart that often overflows from his being.

To Joshua:

Oh my goodness… this child is a lover of nature just like his father!  He loves to hear stories of his daddy catching crazy kinds of animals in his younger days.  He loves to be outside and play with worms, frogs, and all sorts of icky things.  He is a lover and a fighter.  He loves his food… adventurous eater too.  He loves his momma.  He loves his family.  And yet he knows how to make that love work to his advantage.  He loves to read with his daddy.  He loves to surprise his daddy with pranks like scalding hot water to drink instead of a cold glass of water.  He loves to help cook and make concoctions.  He and his daddy love their stylish clothes!   They love life.

Ah… my sweet boys are so blessed.  There is so much more to their dad that would take me forever to write about but when God made Sanj a father x6… He knew “And it was GOOD.”

Happy Father’s Day dear Sanj.  I am so blessed to have made babies with you!


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