Boys Are So WEIRD!

Our house is in a very discombobulated state. I am SO ready to be moved and out of here. I am getting in a bad mood just simply because enough is enough.

My poor sons are at a loss for what to do. Toys are gone, TVs are down and game stations are put away. So they amuse themselves in loud ways … which means 3-4 tease 1 of the other brothers. This is followed by screaming of “Mommy… he…..”

I went to the dollar store and bought a few nerf guns to occupy them. Hum… they found their own version of the game.
A ladder, a younger brother who is silly enough to provide his “most prized body part” as target practice….

Awww….. laughter.

Boys are so weird. Just a girl’s perspective. Good thing they are so lovable.

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One Response to Boys Are So WEIRD!

  1. em says:

    Now THAT is hilarious. Kids are so funny. Good luck with the rest of the move.