Boys and Their Toys…

It’s Wednesday… November 14th… which means it’s the middle of the week… also it’s in between Max’s 13th birthday and Jordan’s 15th birthday! It’s been crazy busy planning birthdays and celebrating and then fitting all that stuff in between!

The other day I found myself in a very weird moment.  I was in the local Army Surplus store with Tyler, learning the ins and outs and purchasing a G&G Armament UMG.  Yah, that’s what I would have said a few weeks ago… but now, my life is all about airsoft guns and hosting airsoft events.

As I stood at the counter, listening to this very grown man excitedly explain the ins and outs of the gun, I found myself wondering how in the world I am existing in this world of testosterone?  I wondered if I still have any feminineness in my being?  I actually glanced down to check and make sure my boobs were still there, that with all the testosterone, they had not melted away.  Sigh.

Tyler asked if he could had a few boys over to play airsoft over the weekend?  I said, “Sure.”  Never mind that Sanj was away in sunny Phoneix at a conference, that I was already having a party/sleepover for Max that evening and and was single parent the weekend… Sure, was my reply.  I mean, what’s another 3-4 more boys?

I ran out, picked burgers, salad stuff and chips.  Birthday cake and some party stuff.  I came home and saw that Tyler and some of his friends were hanging in the backyard ready to plan.

I went about my business, cleaning out the basement so that Max’s friends could hang out.  Tyler came and let me know they were starving and ready to eat.  I came upstairs to see 15 big teenage boys, eaten through the snacks I’d bought for Max’s party, the chips and looking like they were ready to eat me.

This is what I saw on Tyler’s Facebook status later:

Airsoft at my house, tommorrow. Message me, if you want to come.

As I walked into the living room, I say a sight such as this…

(this is from Google… I didn’t have the time to grab my own camera and start clicking the crazy combat zone our  house/property had become).

Boys and their toys!

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