Love Language

It’s Sunday and the house is full of tuckered teen boys that had a great day yesterday.  Jordan celebrated his 15th birthday with a houseful of his Rhema friends.  Then the boys slept over and then the house was once again invaded with airsoft playing friends.  I love that they are outside, running around and enjoying this great weather!  I made a huge pot of meatballs and spaghetti and soon all those hungry bellies were filled.

Today is a quieter morning, just Josh has hockey and a birthday party.  Me, I really need to put all the laundry that has been folded on my sofa away. (Ugh).  Maybe I can talk my hubby into taking us out for supper…  Some of the boys are stil asleep (at 11:30 am) and I’m so jealous!  Josh, who does not sleep in, kept saying to me, “Can you get up now?

Last night, after all the guns and testosterone got to me, I fled to my room and settled in to watch A Cinderella Story (you know, with Hilary Duff… all girlie and almost annoying) slowly the boys filtered into my room.  Soon, by the movie’s end, when she gets her Prince Charming, 5 out of the 7 boys who live with me where sprawled somewhere on my bed and watching the movie.

I found this comical.  Here’s the thing,  most of the older boys, very rarely will say, “I love you, Mom.”  Yet their actions shout it out.  I love you, Mom is most said by being my shadow.  They are almost always right there, hanging out near me, by me.  I love that.

The one that does it the most (aside from Josh, who is ALWAYS with me) is Max.  He is always there.

Last night after everyone went off to hockey, Max came and was hanging with me.  There is definitely many different love languages.  🙂

Two birthdays gone by this week and bit.  I am grateful that despite all the growing pains we have to deal with, I see my boys growing up to be lovely young men.  I love them so much.

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