Goodbyes …

Yesterday my dad’s eldest sister died.  In India.  Big Pisima, as she was affectionately known as, meaning oldest sister… was maybe 82 years old.  I remember the ache in my heart as I met her for the first time in my adult years.  I felt like a piece of me was left in India where half my family still lives.  I wish I had really known her.  I wish that my uncles and aunties there were part of my world as I know it.

(My Auntie, my youngest brother, Kumar and myself… January 2012 in India)

I had breakfast with my mom today, before she heads back to Maryland.  She was telling me that Big Pisima was married around the age of 15 years and a widow with two little girls by 24 years old.  Can you imagine the stories that she could have told?  I wonder of her life from the age of 24 – 80.  Her two daughters are fabulous and are a testament of her character and life.  My mom tells me she was just beautiful, inside and out.

I loved that when I saw her again, after 30+ years, she knew who I was immediately.  Beautiful.  I was moved to tears as her message into our camera was telling my dad to “Come home.”  How sad for my dad to be away from his family at a time like this.  His health is such that I doubt he’ll be able to ever go back “home.”

Heaven came down and glory filled my Soul.  I love that song.  I can’t wait for heaven.  I pray that God sees fit to come, now!  Soon!  There is so much pain on this earth.  Often I pray “Dear God, Could you please….” And then often struggle with my prayers of wants or hearts desires when I have these images of people with so much less that pop into my head.  Of this family, of their extended family, all living on a street corner.  They were cooking on the street.  What happened when it rained?  How can I ask God for … when so many people have so much less?

That bit of my heart that was left in India hurts today.  Missing my auntie even though I didn’t really know her.  Looking forward to seeing her again, hearing her stories.  Hugging her.  Family and love is such a funny thing.

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