Bike Rides, Cardio and Thinking Like a Boy!

The other day, as I was making supper, Sammy came to me and said, “Can I go on a bike ride?”  It was after 5 pm so the sun had set.  I looked at him and said, “Now?”  He said he wanted to work on his cardio… and since he was about to fall asleep on the ride home (meaning a nap would have him up at a ridiculous hour) I said, “Sure, be careful.” 

You know I have 6 kids, supper on the go and in between tidying up the kitchen from the mess I left in the morning, I was referring someone’s fight.  I had a hundred things on my mind and was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of getting laundry put away and all the phone calls I needed to make for a fundraiser I was organizing… so my thoughts were not really on my 17 year old deciding to go on a bike ride… though the thought crossed my mind as to I wonder which girl he was going to see in the neighbourhood.

Sanj comes home and we sat down to dinner, minus Sammy.    Sanj asked me where Sammy was and I replied, “He said he was going for a bike ride.”  Sanj looks at me in disbeief!  “And you believed him?”  Sanj exclaimed.  “He said he was going to work on his cardio,”  I said, at this point laughing.  Sanj again exclaimed… “Again, and you believed him?”   

At this point, one of the boys piped in, “I wonder if _____ (insert a neighbourhood girl’s name) is getting a work out on her cardio.”  Followed by laughter from all the boys, including Sanj!

Ok… at this point I admit I didn’t really think of all the possibilities.   Within minutes, the phone rings, it’s Sammy, wanting a ride home… saying it’s too dark and could we pick him up, he’s at the rink.  (Um… it was dark when he left…)

Ok this isn’t a unique story, especially with a houseful of very social teenagers but what is, was the response from Sanj after … he said…


I wish someone had taken a picture of my face after he said that…   really? How am I suppose to understand the weird thinking of the male gender?  Is there a penis laying around that I can insert because really that is the only way I will have some understanding of the males in this house.

You know the saying, that God won’t give you more than He knows you can handle?  Well, I’m so curious.. God must have some serious faith in the load my little shoulders can handle… because my life with 6 boys is so crazy a trip! lol

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