Rush Hour

I am feeling absolutely frazzled this morning.  My pulse is racing and my head is pounding.  The morning rush is overwhelming.  We seem to have our own rush hour daily.  Monday nights are our nights from hell.  Josh has swimming at 5:30 pm and then four out of the six boys have hockey.  The thing about hockey is the older they are, the later their games are.  So the older ones didn’t even get home till after 10 pm and then they seem to need that time to unwind after a game.  That’s all fine and good except that getting up is insane!!!

Last night I had a headache and was too tired to get something for it, so I woke up with it.  Not good.  I am then rushing around like a crazy person trying to get them all out the door.  Where is Sanj?  Well he is busy doing his second job- yes I said, second JOB.  Ridiculous!  I know.  And it isn’t even bring home any bacon.  It’s hockey- really this should be a 4 letter word…  and it is all consuming.  He keeps saying he’s going to quit… but… alas as of today, not yet.

OK, I am whining.  Sorry.  It’s just that my house looks like a hurricane went through.  And I am tired.  I want nothing more than to curl up and read my book.  I want to eat comfort food that I don’t have to make.  I want to have 24  hours of nothing.

Ok… that’s the end of my little pity party.  I have been hunting the internet for gifts… funny little gag gifts, things that will cause a reaction.  Saturday night we are off to an out of town office party for one of Sanj’s business associates.  They are the kind of people that have everything.  What do I get them?  Last year I found a 20 lb. (guessamating) Toberone bar.  It was perfect!  I love knowing that I found the perfect gift.  This year I am stumped.  I have only 4 more sleeps to figure it out!

Then there’s Sanj, what do I get the man that has given me everything?  (Well, except a girl… lol)  He said, “Just get me a good book.”  I already  do that… make sure he has a good book always by his night stand.  So… what now?

I saw this  and thought it was hilarious for my teen boys who seem to spend large amounts of time on the pot…

Isn’t it great?  🙂  Being the wife of an audiologist, I thought these were hilarious too…

 LOL they are covers for your iPhones!

Sanj is always complaining of being cold, his hands and feet as oppose to me who is always HOT!   I really want to buy him some Uggs but really doubt he’d wear them.

Do you and your sweetheart exchange gifts?  Or do you do the practical gift?

I love Christmas.  Do you?  Or does it stress you out?

Hope your day is a good one.  I’m feeling better already. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you’re feeling better hon. Christmas has never stressed me out. I love it. People and plans around Christmas tend to stress me out.
    Yes we usually exchange gifts. Last year I bought him a remote control helicopter and he bought me my Playbook. I love gifts that are just for fun. This year we were at the Autumn Treasure show and I got him a print on canvas to hang in his man room. When we got home we picked out a favourite picture of trilliums that I had asked my son to take way back in the spring. Went to 2Fish and had them make it into a canvas print to put in my stairwell. We now have 2 new pieces of art in the house.

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