Growing Pains…

The month of September is overwhelming for most parents due to the ridiculous amounts of money that seem to be handed over to all the hands that require payment for all the extra activities that children today are part of.   If you  have 6 children in hockey, on top of that, it can leave you feeling light-headed.  Of course, it seems that September seems to be the month that requires new shoes, as the old ones seem to have been outgrown, new clothes, as they seemed to have shrunk… etc.  Well this is the case with hockey gear.  Sure, we have a locker room full of hand me downs for the younger crew but the older three all seem to be the same size and thus require their own new stuff.

Jordan has had a real growth spurt.  He has been a trooper and been wearing his hockey gear without complaining…  as there is a big sale in November that slashes prices and so we told him we’d get his gear then.

November came and I asked him to tell us what he needed.  He basically needed the whole sha-bang!  I said, “Jordan, why do you need so much!!!”

He replied, “I can’t help it.  I’ve been growing and growing and been squishing into my equipment.”

I hear Max in the back seat… “I need a new jock.”

I looked at him, almost scared to ask, “Why?!!”

He looked at me and grinned and said, “Same as Jordan.  I’ve been growing and growing and have been squishing into my jock!”

Insert here the vehicle shaking with the laughter from the boys!!! (And Myself).

My boys are so special.

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