I am a dreamer. I have dreams pretty much every night. I can’t not even imagine not dreaming. It is all good except when I have reoccurring nightmares!

My worst one is that my teeth have all fallen out. It freaks me out! I don’t want to be toothless. It makes me brush my teeth with diligence.

Another one is tidal waves. I have this dream that we are on vacation and a HUGE tidal wave crashes on shore. I hate the dark waters where I can’t see bottom. So a nightmare that I could be washed away always leaves me freaked out! After the tsunami, we had gone to the Dominican for vacation. It was a constant on my mind. What would I do? And my kids…. I can’t even go there.

One I had the other night is that I am pregnant! I am not aware of this and then I feel the baby move… you know that foot kicking out kind of move… and I know (in my dream) that I am pregnant! Oh my gosh!!!

Nightmares. These are just the reoccurring ones. I have ones that I am being chased or attacked… usual by my father or that he is going to get my kids. I have the boogie man dreams. I especially hate the dreams that are so scary and then I wake up… know I am dreaming and then try to shake it off. Yet when I fall back asleep… it continues.

Dreams/ nightmares. What is the point of them? I wish I would have dreams that would answer some of my life questions. Ones that maybe there are no right or wrong answers.

I would like a good night’s sleep with no dreams. Maybe that would be the definition of a great night sleep!

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One Response to Dreams

  1. kumardixit says:

    Very interesting. I had a dream two nights ago that I adopted a new child. But it wasn't a child, it was a real monkey, more like an ape. I remember thinking in my dream 'why do you have a monkey instead of a human.' In any case, I was very upset because I left my monkey baby with my mom, and she wasn't watching him carefully. It was a long dream, felt like it last all night long.

    I hope the monkey comes back again in a dream.