Let’s Go Play!

Today is Sanj’s Holiday Open House at work.  It’s a day he takes time to spend with his patients that stop by and wish them a happy holiday.  There’s food, too.  The boys love stopping by on a day like today and raiding the goodies that are left.

This week I have been really exploring the definition of introverts and extroverts.  Only recently have I realized how much this defines a person. 

I realized that I didn’t really understand the defintion of both.  An extrovert is someone that is energized by people.  An extrovert tends to get bored when alone and will often seek other people out.  So funny, this is me!  This is why I hate being home (well, we won’t even talk about the other factors such as laundry and the mess that seems to be a constant).  I love the energy of being with others.  It feeds me.  I love having people over.  I love interacting with them even if it’s just through my phone and messaging them.  I need people.  When I am home alone, the tv is always on, just for the noise, I realize, or to hear other voices.  The quietness is too loud and leaves me unsettled.

It’s interesting because Sanj can be an extrovert but I think it’s more by necessity.  He is a little bit of both, though he says he is an emotional introvert.  An introvert is someone that is drained by people.  It doesn’t mean they are shy.  Sanj can be with people all day but he really does recharge with his alone time, when he is downstairs making music or reading or what ever else he does in his man cave. 

An introvert can be with people in a social setting but they need to recharge with alone time.  When Sanj is recharging, he can tune the world out.  It’s quite an amazing skill.  Usually he is on the piano or keyboard and I will go to him chatting and know after a moment that he is not hearing me.  Then… I straddle him while he is on the piano bench.  I removed his hands and place them on me.  Then… I have his attention.  He laughs everytime I do this.  I  am a little high maintance, I suppose, being the extovert I am.

When I go to my brother’s house, I used to notice my SIL would go off to her room and be on the bed, with her magazine or phone.  I can’t lie, I would just assume she didn’t really like us.  Only recently, did I realize that this is her needed time out, especially when we, being such a large loud brood overtake her space.  Last time, I peeked in and was Invited to lay on the bed too… but I realized that I need to be quiet! lol But I just really liked being with another human.  My brother, her husband, is a loud extrovert.  It’s in the family.

Funny enough, most of my boys are quite extroverted when needed or it’s called upon them but they 4 of them are natual introverts too.  They need their quiet time.  Often when we are off, with others, we will come home and those 4 disappear.  They can be found strumming a guitar, on their bed with an iPad or head phones.

Then my two, Sammy and Zachary, are true gregarious extroverts.  They love people and just hanging out.  They never get tired of partying.  Guess we know where they get that!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 



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