I’m getting so excited!!! How many more sleeps?  Till what, you may ask… well the first date I’m counting down till is only ONE MORE SLEEP away!!! That’s when school FINALLY gets out and it means a couple of weeks of sleeping in and no making those horrid lunches that my kids never really eat anyways.  So, I am so pleased that we can all enjoy those lazy mornings… something I can’t not express how much I love them!

Then there is the count down till Christmas! 5 more sleeps!!!  OK… I’m really like a kid, I love Christmas!  I love it all… the trees, the excitement, the presents and this year I have a couple of GREAT gifts for some of my boys and can’t wait to see their reactions! lol  One is really a fun gift but he is going to love it!  It’s sometimes one of those DIY gifts that make the greatest ones! lol  Of course, there is the excitement of WHAT is under there for me???  lol  OK I know, it’s really the thought that counts but really if you get a fabulous gift that just makes it all the better, doesn’t it?  🙂

Today we gave the office staff their Christmas presents… at the office Christmas luncheon.  Usually every year, there is the sour pusses that make sure they cause the usual tension.  We have added some new staff and today was one of those days where giving a gift that is received with joy and gratitude is what the gift giver loves!

You know what I mean, right?  Sanj gave his staff Ugg mittens for Christmas, for most people this is a luxury.  This one friend/staff member was so touch and blown away she was actually shaking.  It was SO sweet!  I loved her reaction!

There is something about being a giver, it’s a gift of sorts in itself.  Yet there is something even more beautiful in a gracious reciever.  It’s a hard thing to do, especially if you are usually the giver but think of the thought and effort that went into a gift… and how insulting it is to not accept with another reaction then grace?

It’s so funny but Sanj is the worst when it comes to reacting… it’s his personality, I suppose… but I usually am the excitable sort and react with huge squeals of delight and excitement… I just can’t help it!  I love gifts!!!  Sanj loves gifts too, (I think) but never reacts.  At first, I was offended.  Then a little hurt. Then disappointed, I mean How can you not react with delight at gifts?  My MIL is like this too so I suppose Sanj gets it honestly.  And it is passed on… at least half the boys are non-reactive.  I told my MIL once, I put a lot into this gift, so I wasn’t to see a happy reaction!  I think Sanj was shocked I even said it, my MIL looked a little shocked too but laughed. (phew).

So, I am prepping Max… I made him the greatest (in my option) little DIY gift and I know he is going to love it but I am hoping for a reaction!!!

Sigh.  Maybe I have too high expectations.  Eh?  Here it is a few days till Christmas and I am still very stumped on Sanj’s gift.  I usually have a great idea months ahead of time but this year… stumped.  We agreed on doing stockings for each other but I am really pretty sure he got a real gift for me (probably because it was easier then filling a stocking of nick naks and much less shopping… lol

If you have any ideas, please let me know!!!

Oh and enjoy!

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