Meeting the Neighbours

Country living is full of adventures and challenges we have not encountered in the city. The latest is the critter that has taken residence in our garage… a skunk! He is in control and seems to know it! Sanj was out banging around to try to scared it (but not too much) out of the garage. It would seem that he had the upper hand as we awoke to the garbage torn and tossed around.

Tyler came home saying we should put powder on the garage floor… so we would know when he left… smart eh? Well this was actually his teacher’s creative idea!

Other annoying things we are sharing our house with are flies. They are called cluster flies… and there are a LOT of them… all over. Apparently this is seasonal. Thank Goodness because they seem to multipy in a blink of an eye!

Then there are the frogs and toads…my kids are thrilled with the capture of this little critters… Poor things… the critters, I mean! Hand washing has taken a whole new meaning to me!

Oh and then there is one of the real neighbours who is defintely an interesting character… with a dog, Sasha, who keeps pooping on our lawn!!!

Hum… The boys are enjoying cutting the lawn on the riding lawn mower… we’ll see how long that lasts.

They are waiting with hopeful hearts for the toys they hope to get… someday. Thank goodness we have an uncle and cousins with the toys that we can check out!

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