The BAG of all BAGS!

My mom carries her purse or handbag wherever she goes. She always has it with her… even if she really doesn’t need it. It is her sidekick.

I do not carry a purse or handbag by nature. Maybe it is simply because for 10 years (literally) I carried a diaper bag. So when I am alone, I don’t want to have anything on me or with me. I also like to shop, so why add to the number of bags I will be lugging around? Maybe I am just not a girly girl. I make use of my pockets… all I really carry is a bank card and my cell.

I have many purses in my closet… and I love buying them. But they are like a necklace or a bracelet… an accessory.

My mom is a small person. 5’3 and has a small frame. Tonight I weighed her purse. It weighted 7pounds 4 ounces. I do believe that is what Max weighed at birth!

So we took out all of the contents to see what my mother carries with her… daily!

2 blood sugar meters
ear drops
US change
Canadian change
a cell phone
a D.C. magnet
insulin pen
hair brush
always a book or two
a single M&M
an address book
a wallet
a change purse
nail clipper
a bus pass
5-6 pens
and her keychains…

OK let’s talk about the key chains…
she has 4 of them… and she is a real grandma… so she collects items for the keychain to amuse children.

The key chain is a collection of:
animals that make sounds or light up (a frog, monkey, pig, duck, dolphin)
a flashlight
a calculator
a measuring tape
a little DVD keychain with pictures.

Did I mention that this handbag weighs over 7 pounds?
Oh I forgot the section with the reciepts…too.

My brother has a “man-bag.” He swears by it. Kumar even bought one for Sanj for Christmas one year. I just found it in the basement with a bunch of other miss matched stuff when we moved.

I wish I could use a purse diligently. I did buy one today… (Sanj will be so annoyed)! But I bought it because it went with the boots I needed!

So I will keep purse-a verving! Haha.

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One Response to The BAG of all BAGS!

  1. kumardixit says:

    You said it was her 'sidekick.' What if it is her 'baby' literally… It weighs the same as a baby, and you know how much she needs to hold a baby in her arms…