It’s Ok

Today I was struck by the realization of sin and just how mush that bite of the apple cost! Just one little bite on Eve’s part changed everything. Sin is such a small word to describe the devastation that has resulted. Many of us have been blessed with a minor scratch in our lives.

Yet today as I thought of my day, I was hit with the PAIN… raw pain… in people’s lives. One of the worst things is watching your child suffer. Whether it is of cancer or some other illness… it sucks. And usually all you can do is be there. Today I had lunch with a friend who is going thru this. What can I say? What can I do? I can only imagine the helplessness that she feels. And simply pray…

Then I was looking at the pictures of a boy that graduated… his mom died of cancer some years ago. How do you even began to live? I can’t imagine ever leaving my children. And when we are discuss who will take care of our children if something ever happens… I get sick… really sick in the pit of my stomach thinking of WHO WILL LOVE THEM?

Heartache and pain is everywhere. I feel the weight that must rest on God’s shoulders as He watches and listens. How sad He must feel. How He must ache.

I think of how much I hurt when Tyler didn’t make the soccer team. He was so disappointed. I hated that he had to experience that feeling. And yet, there was nothing I could do. A hug, words of reassurance and yet I am sure it really didn’t change his pain in that moment. This is a small hurt… but at the moment, his pain was real.

I am learning that God has to let the consequences of sin play itself out. He does hug us with the gift of friends, gift of strength and miracles we do not even know HE has orchestrated. He is in such control. Only know do I see answers to prays I prayed so long again, prayers I gave up saying… Yet He was faithful … just in His time.

What can I do to keep my boys from experiencing broken hearts, life disappointments and simply the breaks in life? Not much. I can prepare them with all I know. I can teach them that they are amazing beings and no matter what someone does or says… they are gifts… precious, loved and treasured.

But the reality is one day I know my love will not be enough. My words will likely not reassure them and my kisses will be wiped off. I am still there loving them… yet know that the day will come when it will be their choice.

They will have to walk thru the valleys… to come to the top of the mountain. But I have to believe that they WILL reach that top of their mountain! Simply because I believe in them. I love them and will be there to encourage and guide when I am asked.

How different is this with my relationship with God? Not different at all. I just hope my sons figure it out better than I did. I hope they KNOW and FEEL and BELIEVE that just because they can’t always see me or feel me… I am always with them. GOD is always with them.

It really boils down to FATIH and having belief in the RELATIONSHIP!

It is knowing that even when I don’t see His Footprints beside me, He is there. He is just carrying me!

Sin sucks. So much about this life sucks. But He is giving us all we need to get through this journey! If you are one of my friends that is really suffering right now… Please know tonight I am going to pray for you. I am going to pray that you FEEL God there by your side.

It is OK to be scared. It is OK to be mad, yes even at God. He has big shoulders and can handle it. He gets your hurts and fears. It is OK to feel the emotions that come with pain, hurt and disappointment. But just don’t give up on God. Why go thru it alone?

Isn’t it better to believe that a High Power has the master-plan? I would rather have faith then doubt it all. I don’t have anything to lose.

I love the picture of God, my Father, waiting for me to seek Him out. Calling me…begging me… Wiping the tears on my face away. Holding my hand, ready to walk me through this valley.

I can’t wait for heaven. For the pain to be gone forever. For you and I to understand true happiness and peace.

So if you are struggling, in a valley… hang tight!

Just call out… scream out… “Father HELP ME!!!”

Jesus even did… on the cross. So why would we not? What is there to lose when all hope is already lost?

I am sure that the answers will not always be immediate… but then again maybe it will be!

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